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The Best World Futsal Leagues 2001/2002
And (s, h)
Aze (s, h)
Bel (s, h, po)
Bih (s, h)
Blr (s, h)
Cro (s, h)

Cze (s, h, po)
Esp (s, h, po)
Gre (s, h)
Hol (s, h, po)
Hun (s, h)
Ita (s, h, po)
Pol (s, h)
Por (s, h)
Rus (s, h, po)
Slo (s, h)
Svk (s, h)
Ukr (s, h)
Yug-Sr (s, h)

s =Schedule of the National Futsal Competition; h =National Futsal Home Page; po =National Play-Off