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International Futsal Tournament
CUP of 2000

Budapest - Hungary

Cup of 2000, the new millennium

  1. Organizer: DEKÁD SC
  2. Date of the tournament: 13-16. January, 2000
  3. Location: Budapest – Budafoki Sportcsarnok (Sports Hall in Budafok) (team matches)

The finals (decisive matches): Budapest Körcsarnok – Hungary

  • The first two teams from the group get into the second round
  • In the second round there is a direct elimination for the 16 teams who went on
  • 8 teams remains for the quarter-finals, and 4 teams for the semi-finals
  • The winners of the semi-finals play for the first place, the losers for the third place
  • Staff of a team: 32 persons
  • Grouping: 8 groups, 4 teams per group


  1. Rules: FIFA 4 + 1 rules
  2. Playing time: 2x15 minutes, finals: 2x20 minutes
  3. Evaluation of the results: a winning match takes 3 points, a match ended in a draw takes 1 point and a lost match takes 0 point.
    1. The final result per group is determinated by:
  • the number of points acquired
  • goal difference
  • more goals scored
  • drawing of lots
    1. In case of a match ended in a draw either in the quarter-finals, the second round or at the semi-finals, the game will be decided by three penalty shots per team.
    2. If the finals ends in a draw, then a prolongation of 2x5 minutes is given. If the final match cannot be decided even in this way, penalty shots will decide the result of the match, three shots per team, and then one by one.
  1. Particulars:
  2. Two lists of the team members are needed, furthermore required number of dresses (2 sets of dress, in different colours); the number of substitutes is not fixed.

    In accordance with the rules 12 players can enter for the competition.

    Shoes suitable for indoor football are needed.

    Size of the ball: 4

    At the drawing of lots the leading team is obliged to ensure another dress, in case the dresses of the two teams are equal or similar.

  3. There is not waiting time. When a team does not arrive until the beginning of the match, losings of 3:0 will be declared.
  4. Referees: they are appointed by the organizers of the competition.
  5. Punishments:in case of two yellow cards the player will be left our of a match.

in case of a red card, punishment is according to the FIFA rules and the player will be left out minimum of the next match.

The organizers of the competition give a possibility: the cards can be changed into money.

Red card: HUF 5.000.-

Yellow card: HUF 2.000.-

  1. Prizes:

First place: challenge cup + DM 10.000.-

Second place: cup + DM 5.000.-

Third place: cup + DM 3.000.-

Fourth place: certificate + DM 1.500.-

  • Nevertheless, we give a reward to the
  • Best goal-shooter DM 200.-
  • The best goal-keeper DM 200.-
  • The best player DM 200.-
  • The most fair team will be rewarded by Hungarian Football Federation (1 cup)


  1. Drawing of lots: the organizers will perform this and they will send the result to all teams.
  2. Accomodation and boarding: we would like to ask a list of 15 persons from each applicant team (in case of an accepted and confirmed application form). We ensure the accomodation and boarding (half board), (it takes for 15 persons 166.-DM/person). If you don’t need accomodation or boarding, please let us know it by e-mail.


You can enter for the competition by filling in the application form on the Internet until 20. October, 1999.

The entry fee of 600.-DM/teams has to be paid (after the application form has been accepted and confirmed) until 31. October, 1999.

We kindly ask you to inform us of the date and time of your arrival (after the application form has been accepted and confirmed) until 20. December, 1999.


Availability, information:

Please, in English on the following e-mail address: dekad@elender.hu 

László Deák

Organisation board – Cup of 2000, the new millenium 


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