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JADRAN FORD CUP 2001 [Futsal Tournaments]

International Futsal Tournament

2-7. 7. 2001
Sibenik (central Dalmatia) - Croatia

Do you want to spend your summer holiday at the Jadran Sea in Croatia and at the same time to take part in a tournament of small football for attractive prizes?

The DOGASPORT firm holds a tournament of small football in co-operation with the seller of private and utility FORD cars and owners of guesthouses and restaurants in

Place of action:              in the neighbourhood of the city of Šibenik (central Dalmatia)
                                      grassy pitches in the proximity of the Jadran Sea
Game time:                 2 x 15 min.
                                    according to the rules of 4 + 1 small football
Entrance fee:              DM 440
Game system:                
Sunday (July 1) :
Monday (July 2) through Thursday (July 5):
qualification  group matches, each team plays according to drawing
                                                   a) 3 matches on Monday (July 2)
                                                       3 matches on Wednesday (July 4)
                                                   b) 3 matches on Tuesday (July 3)
                                                      3 matches on Thursday (July 5)
The 2 best teams from groups and 4 from the third positions with the highest number of reached points advance to the next round.
Friday (July 6): group semifinal matches using K.O. system. Both group finalists advance.
Saturday (July 7): matches of the finalists from Friday’s semifinal in group using the each-with-each system

PRIZES :     1. PRIZE         FORD TRANSIT 2.5 D BUS (9 seats) + CUP
2. PRIZE         DM 3500 + CUP 
      3. PRIZE         DM 2000 + CUP
      4. PRIZE         DM 500

     5. PRIZE         DM 350
      6. PRIZE         DM 150

best marksman - free accommodation during the  tournament
      best goalkeeper - free accommodation during the tournament

Accommodation & board ensured by the organizer
Price per one person and a day amounts to DM 28
Types of Accommodation             a) doubles of private guesthouses
                                                         b) A2, A4, A6, A8 apartments
Board                                              breakfasts, dinners and suppers can be ordered

In case of your interest detailed information about the tournament, accommodation and board (prizes) will be sent.


The sending of the entrance fee together with team’s name, telephone No. and contact address is regarded as obligatory application for registration.

Payment can be sent by post money order or by bank transfer to account No. 151902378/0600.

Organizer’s address:            Domanski Vjekoslav
                                        Sadová 18/24
                                        679 04 ADAMOV
                                        CZECH REPUBLIC
                                        phone No. +420 2 3118945
                                        mobile phone: +420 0603 956103
                                        e-mail: domanski

ATTENTION!!!     Due to the great interest in tournament make contact with us as soon as possible.

The Winner: ?