Joze Gacnik
Futsal Player

Joze Gacnik Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Joze Gacnik Details:

Name: JOŽE
Surname: GACNIK
Date of birth: 15/01/1974
Place of birth: Ljubljana
Height (cm): 187
Weight (kg): 76
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Gray-blue
Particular signs: no
Profession (if not Futsal): Futsal player
Married with (Girlfriend): Not married
Childrens: no
Shoes number: 42,5
Shoes trademark: Munich, Mizuno
Sportsman: Maradona, Pele, Van Basten, Hakkinen, Jordan
Futsal Player: Tobias, Eremenko, Lorente, Fama
Futsal Coach: Javier Lozano Cid
Futsal President:
Futsal League you would like to play:
Italy (now), Spain, America
Match you remember (+):
Qualifiers match (Slovenia - Slovakia 3:2) and
Friendly match (Slovenia - Poland 7:7; I was scorred 4 goals)
Match you remember (-):
Qualifiers match (Slovenia - Croatia 1:2)
Goal you remember:
My first goal for Slovenian National Futsal Team (Slovenia - Spain 2:4)
Slovenia - 1.liga
KMN Vuko - Ljubljana,
KMN Inženiring Šarbek - Litija,
KMN Agencija Luvin - Maribor,
KMN Mizarstvo Krošelj - Sevnica,
1999/2000 Afragola - Italy - Serie A1
2000/2001 Bellona - Italy - Serie A1
2001/2002 Bellona - Italy - Serie A1
2002/2003 Real Scafati - Italy - Serie A2/B
2003/2004 Iula Matera - Italy - Serie A2/B
5 years playing for Slovenian National Futsal Team
34 appearance, 21 goals (best shooter)
Year Futsal Sallary:
Like the other good players
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
Yes, I hope like a futsal coach
Drink: Watter, Beer
Food: Italian food
Car, Your Car: Bmw, Audi / VW Golf
Clothing: Sport style, sport - elegant style
Color: Black, gray, blue,safari
Actor: Jean Claude van Damme, Kevin Kostner, Jon Erik Hexum
Actress: Sharon Stone, Demi Moore
Film: Top Gun, Titanic, The Legend of the Fall
Book: Book about Sport Legends
Women you like: Women with sport ghost
Music: Pop, rock, country
Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Eros Ramazotti, Madonna, Colonia
Town for living:
First an apartment in town, but later I wish to have a beautiful house in province (Slovenia)
Place for holidays:
I like all beautiful places in the nature (coast and mountains)
Football club you like: Barcelona
Pat (animal): Dog (labrador)
Game you like: All sport games
Politic: apolitic
3 wishes:
To have happy and healthy family and life,
To be involved in futsal as player or coach fulltime
To play with Slovenian National Futsal Team in Euro- or World Championship)
Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Play another sport
Particular Hobbies:
Playing sports (tennis, skiing, bicycling, soccer)
watching different sports,
watching good movies,
listen good music,
to have a good time with my friends,
travelling around the world

Joze Gacnik

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