Gabor Kassay-Kezi
Futsal Club President

Gabor Kassay-Kezi Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Budapest (Hungary)


Gabor Kassay-Kezi Details:

President of RUBEOLA FC (Hungarian Champion & Hungarian Cup Winner of 2004)
Name: Gabor
Surname: Kassay-Kezi
Sports Name: Kéró
Date of birth: 12/6/1972
Place of birth: Budapest (Hungary)
Height (cm): 188
Weight: 85
Hair colour: blondish
Eyes colour: blue
Profession: sales manager
Married with: not married
Children: Bíborka (1993) Édua (1996)
Shoes Number: 43
Shoes trade mark: Le Coq sportif
Futsal Player: Zsámár László
Futsal Coach: Mucha József
Futsal League you would like to play / coach:Only Hungary
Match you remember (+):
Futsal Championship Final 2nd game in Hungary 2004-Victory with penalty
Match you remember (-):
Hungarian Cup Final 2003 (second place with penalty)
Goal you remember:
MOLNÁR ZOLTÁN 5th score against Cso Montage in the Chamionship Final HUN 2004
Futsal results as a club president:
Hungarian Champion 2004
Hungarian Cup Winner 2004
Hungarian Cup 2 place 2003
Hungarian Championship 2. Place 2000
Hungarian Championship 3. Place 1999
Hungarian Champinship 2 Place1996
Hungarian Championship 3.Place 1995
Sportsman: Vinnie Jones
Car: Chrysler PT Cruiser
Your Car: Renault Scenic
Color: Black
Film: English Patient
Writer: Márai Sándor
Book: Candles burn ’til stub - Márai
Drink: Irish Whiskey
Food: Hungarian Chicken Paprika
Clothing: 4 You
Actor: Edward Norton
Actress: Meg Ryan
Women you like: Kinga, my Love
Music: "Romantikus Erőszak"
Singer: Nagy Feró
Town for Living: Budapest
Place for holidays: Central Europe
Football club you like: Athletico Bilbao
Pet: Sir „Dödi” – dog by my aunt
Sports game you like: Football, Ice Hockey
Without futsal what would like to do: I can not imagine
3 wishes:
Politic: rightParticular
Hobby: read, travel

Gabor Kassay-Kezi

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