Constantin Cotelnicov
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Constantin Cotelnicov Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Rovno (Ukraine)


Constantin Cotelnicov Details:

Name: Constantin
Surname: Cotelnicov
Date of birth: 24/2/1964
Place of birth: Rovno (Ukraine)
Height (cm): 188
Weight (kg): 110
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown
Particular signs: no
Profession: Financial Director of FC Toligma
Engaged with: Futsal
Two daughters (Ecaterina (24/3/1992) and Anna (3/2/2001))
Shoes number: 45
Shoes trademark: Puma
Sportsman: Ronaldo
Futsal Player: Tacot
Futsal Coach: Sergiy Dyuzhenko
Futsal President: Ghennadii Corpocean
Futsal League you would like to play:
Ukrainian Futsal Premiere League

Match you remember (+): All Victories of FC Toligma

Match you remember (-):
Moldovan Futsal Cup 2005 Final Match against Camelot (Camelot vs. Toligma 3-1)

Goal you remember:
Sergiy Kostyuchenko, Camelot vs Toligma, White Acacia 2005

Drink: Social
Food: Spicy
Car, Your Car: Cadillac
Clothing: Classic
Color: Dark Blue
Actor: Robert De Niro
Actress: Sharlis
Film: Heat
Book: Mikhail Bulgakov's Books
Women you like: My wife Elena Cotelnicova
Music: Rock and Classic
Singer: Pink Floyd, The Beatles
Town for living: Kishinau, London
Place for holidays: London
Football club you like: Toligma
Pat (animal): My dog, Aivor, Rottweiler
Game you like: Futsal
Politic: Apolitical
3 wishes:
Happiness for my family
Luck for my Futsal Team
Happiness for my friends

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Particular Hobbies: Futsal and Football

Constantin Cotelnicov

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