Renato Cupic
Futsal Player
Futsal Coach
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Renato Cupic Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Split (Croatia)




Name: Renato
Surname: Cupic
Date of birth: 1/3/1972
Place of birth: Split
Height (cm): 180
Weight (kg): 80
Hair color: Grey
Eyes color: Grey
Particular signs: no
Profession: manager
Engaged with:
Children: 2
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Munich "X"
Sportsman: Michael Jordan
Futsal Player: Nikola Tomicic
Futsal Coach: Mladen Perica "Strla"
Futsal President: ):
Futsal League you would like to play: Spain

Match you remember (+):
Orkan - Mejaši 1:4

Match you remember (-):
Torcida – Mejaši 3:3 (8:7 after penalties)

Goal you remember:
Gordan Boljat's penalty for win (Mejaši - Petar 2005)

NK Split

MNK Antonio Trade Split
MNK Inero Split
MNK Jadroplov Split
MNK Torcida Split
MNK Mejaši Split
MNK Inero Split

Year Futsal Sallary: cca 10.000 €
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal: sure

Drink: water
Food: fish
Car, Your Car: Renault Megane
Clothing: Hugo Boss
Color: white
Actor: Jack Nicholson
Actress: Michelle Pffeifer
Film: Godfather
Book: The Da Vinci Code
Women you like: most of them
Music: rock
Singer: Mick Jagger
Town for living: Split
Place for holidays: Thailand
Football club you like: Barcelona
Pet (animal): dog
Game you like: monopoly
Politic: n.i.
3 wishes: health

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
to found

Particular Hobbies: boat building

Renato Cupic

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