Tomislav Gricar
Futsal Coach

Tomislav Gricar Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Zagreb (Croatia)


Tomislav Gricar Details:

Name: Tomislav
Surname: Gricar
Date of birth: 11/1/1972
Place of birth: Zagreb (Croatia)
Height (cm) : 191
Weight (kg) : 95
Hair color: orange
Eyes color: blue
Particular signs:
Profession: professor of physical education
Children: Bruna 9 years
Shoes number: 44
Shoes trademark: adidas
Sportsman: Michael Jordan
Futsal Player: Edwin Grunholz
Futsal Coach: Javier Lozano
Futsal League you would like to coach:
Spain, Brazil

Match you remember (+):
Croatia - Nederlands, Guatemala 2000 WC

Match you remember (-):
Croatia - Nederlands, Spain 1999 EC

Goal you remember:
Croatia - Slovakia, qualification for Spain 1999 EC

youth of Dinamo, Zagreb
Trešnjevka, Napredak, Ponikve, teams in 2nd Croatian league

Uspinjaca, Zagreb (1st Croatian League)
Las Vegas Dustdevils, Portland Pride, Detroit Safari (Continental Indoor Soccer League, USA),

National Team:
5th place - European Championship "Granada 1999"
5th place – World Championship “Guatemala 2000”
5th place - European Championship "Moscow 2001"

Year Futsal Sallary: ;-)
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal: I hope so
Drink: good wine bottle (“Grey pinot” Adzic, “Muscat” Kozlovic)
Food: pasta
Car, Your Car: Audi, Peugeot
Clothing: casual
Color: blue
Actor: Robert de Niro
Actress: Jennifer Garner
Film: The Silent of the Lambs, Taxi Driver
Book: “Catcher in the Rye” by Jerome David Salinger
Women you like: something like Jennifer Lopez
Music: pop, rock
Singer: Oliver, Gibboni, Thompson
Town for living: Zagreb
Place for holidays: Hvar, Adriatic sea
Football club you like: Dinamo-Zagreb, Manchester Utd.
Game you like: tennis, playing cards
3 wishes: health, health, health
Without Futsal what you would like to do: doctor
Particular Hobbies: sports & internet

Tomislav Gricar

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