Togrul Abdurakhmanov
Futsal Player
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Togrul Abdurakhmanov Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Baku (Azerbaijan)


Togrul Abdurakhmanov Details:

Name: Togrul
Surname: Abdurakhmanov
Nickname: Togge
Date of birth: 23/8/1982
Place of birth: Baku (Azerbaijan)
Heihgt (cm): 177
Weight (kg): 76
Hair color: black
Eyes color: brown
Student, but in the summertime I work as footboll goalkeepers coach in the one Sweden footboll club
Particial signs: no
Engaged with: Lamija. She is my wife
Children: two, one daughter and one son
Shoes number: 43
Shoes trademark: "ADIDAS"
Sportsman: Ronaldinho and Seedorf
Futsal player: Falcao
Futsal coach: Elman Alekperov
Futsal president: Agariza (Azerbaijans Futsal Federation)
Futsal league you would like to play: Italian Serie A1
Match your remember:(+) "Vilesh"- "Turan-air"
Match your remember:(-) "Vilesh"- "Tribut"
Goal you remember: Tahir Azimov goal to "AMMK-Azercell"
"Shafa" FK 2 years as proffessional
"Globus" - 1 year (2000)
"Vilesh" (2001-2002)

Year Futsal salary: When I played in Baku it was 300 USD.
After futsal career you will remain in futsal:
I will become futsalgoalkeepers coach.
Drink: Read and white vin
Food: Pasta and Azerbaijans national food
Car your car: BMW.
Clothing: Spotsstyle
Color: Red
Actor: Jim Carrey and Silvester Stallone
Actress: Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie
Film: I like all movies and it is difficult to me to answer which is my favorite movie.
Book: I like to read detectives and my favorite detektiv book is Agata Cristis detektives.
Women you like: My wife
Music: All kind
Singer: no
Town of living: Roma
Place for holidays: Paris and Madrid
Fotboll club you like: AC Milan
Pet: dogs
Game you like: footboll
Politics: no
3 wishes:
to play in Italians futsal clubs
to play in Azerbaijan national team
to win futsal Champions league
Without futsal what you would like to do: to work as sport agent
Particual hobbies: to be with my family and travelling

Togrul Abdurakhmanov

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