Jozef Hanzel
Futsal Journalist
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Jozef Hanzel Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Humenné (Slovakia)


Jozef Hanzel Details:

Name: Jozef
Surname: Hanzel
Nickname: Dodo
Date of birth: 27/11/1952
Place of birth: Humenné (Slovakia)
Height (cm) : 168
Weight (kg) : 59
Hair color: blond+grey
Eyes color: green
Particular signs: no
Profession: logistician
Engaged with: wife Margita
Children: Daniela and Jozef
Shoes number: 41
Shoes trademark: Nike
Sportsman: Martikan
Futsal Player:
Flavio Sergio Viana Schumacher
Futsal Coach:
Jan Kabat (Perpetuum Bratislava)

Match you remember (+):
Shakhtar vs Boomerang 1-6 (11/3/2006)

Inter Bratislava-junior team

Ajax-Cunovo, Perpetuum Bratislava – chairmanship
Minimax Bratislava, Across Pinerola Bratislava – chairmanship and videooperator

After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
I was not futsal player, my position on Futsal is helper in this sport and videooperator

Drink: fernet with tonic (bavorak)
Food: Wienna steak
Car, Your Car: Opel Corsa
Clothing: sportswear
Color: blue
Actor: George Götz
Actress: Marlene Jobert
Film: HELP!
Book: bank-book
Women you like: my wife Margita
Music: rock
Town for living: Bratislava
Place for holidays: Greece
Football club you like: Inter Bratislava
Pet (animal) : my bearded collie Gina
Game you like: futsal
Politic: apolitical
3 wishes:
exellent healt
excelent nerves
excellent living

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
excellent futsal videos

Particular Hobbies:
filming and diving

Jozef Hanzel

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