Jan Harting
Futsal Coach
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Jan Harting Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Kampen (Netherlands)


Jan Harting Details:

Name: Jan
Surname: Harting
Nickname: -
Date of birth: 04/05/1969
Place of birth: Kampen (NED)
Height (cm) : 1m82
Weight (kg) : 82 kg
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Blue
Particular signs: -
Profession: Futsalcoach for the Dutch Federation and Director/Owner Interfut, rganisation specialised in Streetsoccer events and Futsal, clinics/workshops (www.interfut.nl)
Engaged with: Maria
Children: Twins, Julia & Steven
Shoes number: 42,5
Shoes trademark: Joma
Sportsman: Paolo Maldini
Futsal Player: Edwin Grunholz
Futsal Coach: Marino Pusic
Futsal President: Ruud Andriessen
Futsal League you would like to play: too late now, but as a coach or manager the Spanish league is would be very interesting and exciting.
Match you remember (+): march 2008: Dutch League game ZSW/Orient Plaza – Ter Beek, with one minute to go Ter Beek scores 2-3, ZSW/Orient Plaza players Mo Moazziz and Brian Pereira manage to score two goals in the 55 seconds remaining giving victory 4-3 to ZSW/Orient Plaza and keeping the chance for play-off qualification alive. This game turned out to be the key game towards the best season ever for the club.

Match you remember (-): March 2000: French Cup Semifinals Tournament, Issy Futsal – Andrezieux (black page as a player)
Goal you remember: Victory Goal Mo Moazziz (ZSW/Orient Plaza) against Ter Beek with 5 seconds remaining on the clock followed by an extreme explosion of joy by players and fans.


GVV’57 (Holland)
FC Bois le Roi (France)
FC Melun (France)
Le Méé (France)
POC (Holland)
ODIO (Holland)

Currently: Districts Coach Futsal Center East (-19, -17, -15 and Women)

ZSW/Orient Plaza

Assistant Districts Coach East Futsal (-19 and -17)

ZSW/Orient Plaza (Holland)
Inter Wesel (DlD)
FC Olympic/Wijchen (Holland)
FC Niumaga (Holland)
Paris Futsal (France)
Issy Futsal (France)
v/d Berg Transporten (Holland)
FC de Snip (Holland)

Year Futsal Salary: Various

After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal: Coach / Manager

Drink: Beer, red wine
Food: Pasta
Car, Your Car: Porsche Cayenne, Opel Astra Break
Clothing: G-star, Jack&Jones
Color: Purple
Actor: Gerard Lanvin, Samuel L Jackson
Actress: Monica Bellucci
Film: Diner de Cons, Usual Suspect
Book: Biography’s
Women you like: Italian
Music: R&B
Singer: Sean Paul
Town for living: Fréjus
Place for holidays: Sardinia
Football club you like: Ajax
Pet (animal) : no
Game you like: All Sports
Politic: Will things ever change??
3 wishes:
- Good health
- Keeping the happy life with family and friends
- Success in Futsal and Business

Without Futsal what you would like to do: Spending more time with family and friends

Particular Hobbies: Watching good movies

Jan Harting

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