Robert Brassett
Futsal Planet Collaborator
Futsal Manager

Robert Brassett Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Bermondsey, South London (England)



Name: Robert
Surname: Brassett
Nickname: Bungle
Date of birth: 1st August 1961
Place of birth: Bermondsey, South London
Height (cm): 5’7
Weight (kg): medium
Hair color: none
Eyes color: Blue
Profession: Football and Futsal Administration
Engaged with: anyone that will have me
Children: No Idea
Shoes number: Right foot 8 ½ Left foot 8
Shoes trademark: various
Sportsman: Ian Wright
Futsal Player: Grant Osborn, Kirt Osborn and Aaron Cato
Futsal Coach: Martin May, Ronaldo (Helvecia)
Futsal League you would like to play:
I Would love a game in the National League with FC Enfeild

Match you remember (+):
Best match was in the National League between FC Enfield and White Bear, Enfield went 7-0 up the 11-3 up then it was 12-12 and Enfield won 14-12

Match you remember (-):
Worst game was in the Local Enfield League when my old Friends Sham United were getting beaten 23-0, they kept going I am proud of them in the Enfield League

Goal you remember:
My own a 40 yard lob in football for Enfield Supporters FC on Enfield Playing Fields in 1986 and the One Carl Davision score for W.E.Boiz in the National Cup against the mighty Vaughans

Secretary Enfield Supporters FC
Secretary Press Gang FC
Secretary Fixtures Potters Bar Town FC
Manager 4th Team Potters Bar Town Fc
Press Officer Potters Bar Town FC
Secretary Fixtures SomersettAmbury V & E FC
Press Officer Mercury Waltham League
Secretary Cheshunt FC
Fixtures Secretary Mid Herts Youth League
Assistant Secretary Brimsdown Rovers FC – 3 years
Secretary Northaw FC – 12 Years
Secretary Roy Bailey Memorial Trophy 5 Years

Secretary Enfield Futsal League
Secretary Enfield Youth Futsal League
Administrator Herts Grundy Park League
Secretary Futsal Club Enfield
Administration – FA Barking Futsal 5s
Ladies Team Manager – Futsal Club Enfield
Welfare Officer – Futsal Club Enfield
Youth Section Director – Futsal Club Enfield
Futsal Manager – London Futsal Cup
Futsal Manager – Oprea Management
Mars Just Play – Enfield Co-Ordinator

Year Futsal Sallary: none do it all for free
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
when can I start playing

Drink: yes if your buying I will have a lager
Food: Mc Donald’s Fries and Big Mac
Car, Your Car: Don’t Drive
Clothing: Anything casual
Color: Red and White
Actor: Steve McQueen
Actress: Paris Hilton
Film: Italian Job the original
Book: Any autobiography of a footballer
Women you like: Kylie
Music: Anything
Singer: Kylie
Town for living: Enfield
Place for holidays: Torrevieja, Spain
Football club you like: Enfield 1893, Leyton Orient and England
Pet (animal): dog
Game you like: Futsal
Politic: Moderate

3 wishes:
To get back into the National league
To win the National League and play in Europe
And Futsal Club Enfield players to play regular in the England Futsal team

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
I would just do more Football stuff


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