Henrik Henriksson
Futsal Player

Henrik Henriksson Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Espoo (Finland)


Henrik Henriksson Details:

Name: Henrik
Surname: Henriksson
Date of birth: 15.04.1981
Place of birth: Espoo
Height (cm): 181
Weight (kg): 72
Hair color: blond/grey
Eyes color: blue
Children: baby girl (Minttu)
Shoes Number: 41
Shoes Trademark: Umbro
Sportsman: Matti Nykänen
Futsal Player: Serjao
Futsal Coach: Antti Lehtinen
Futsal President: Fernando Francisco
Futsal League you would like to play:
Any professional league
Match you remember (+):
National league Final 2009 I scored 4 times
Goal you remember:
National League semifinal 2009 I shot penalty by my hind leg
Drink: Coke & wine
Food: Big Mac
Car: Ford Focus ST
Clothing: casual
Color: Gold
Actor: Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt,
Actress: J Lo
Film: Gone in 60 seconds
Women you like: Hanna H (my upcoming wife)
Music: Guns & Roses, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley
Singer: Timo Lumivaara
Town for living: Espoo
Place for holidays: Mostly driving around the Europe
Football club you like: Manu, FC Tavastia
Animal: Dog
Game you like: Golf, beach soccer
3 wishes:
All I need is a brand new old Ford Mustang from 64 to 69
Particular Hobbies:
Golf, Snowboarding, Beach games

Henrik Henriksson

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