Ali Tamtam
Futsal Journalist
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Ali Tamtam Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Tripoli (Libya)



Name: Ali
Surname: Tamtam
Nickname: Tamtam
Date of birth: 4/6/1988
Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya
Height (cm) : 175
Weight (kg) : 70
Hair color: black
Eyes color: brown
Profession: Member of the Department of Futsal Libya
Engaged with: waiting for fate
Children: no
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Puma
Sportsman: Zidane
Futsal Player: Mohamed Ashrif ,Rhoma, Falcao
Futsal Coach: Mato Stankovic
Futsal President: Saadi Abdusalam

Match you remember (+):
Libya Uruguay, Fifa World Cup Brazil 2008 3-3
Libya Egypt, Africa Futsal Cup Libya 2008 43
Libya Egypt, Arab Futsal Cup Egypt 32

Match you remember (-):
Libya Iran 24
Libya Spian 03

Goal you remember:
Fathi Alkhoga goal 3 with Uruguay last second

Drink: Pepsi
Food: Pizza
Car, Your Car: Chevrolet
Color: Black
Actor: Al Pacino, Will Smith
Actress: Julia Roberts
Film: Blood Damien, Omar Mokhtar, The Message, King Arthur
Book: Quran
Music: Rock, Hip-hop
Singer: Sting, Dido
Town for living: Tripoli
Place for holidays: Italy
Football club you like: Spain
Pet (animal) : Cat
Game you like: Football
3 wishes:
Peace in World
Be famous

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Rock star

Particular Hobbies:
Searching for news

Ali Tamtam

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