Baltazar Avelino (Red)
Futsal Player
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Baltazar Avelino Red Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Makati, Metro Manila (Philippines)


Baltazar Avelino Red Details:

Name: Baltazar
Surname: Avelino
Nickname: Red
Date of birth: September 23, 1976
Place of birth:
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Height (cm) : 175.2
Weight (kg) : 72.5
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Black
Particular signs: None
Licensed Architect,
FIFA-GOAL Projects Consultant,
Vision Philippines Coordinator
Engaged with:
Children: 1
Shoes number: 9.5UK
Shoes trademark: Mizuno
Sportsman: Pele
Futsal Player: Falcao
Futsal Coach: Hossein Shams
Futsal League you would like to play:
Thailand League

Match you remember (+):
AFC Championships Asian Qualifiers 2004 against Kyrgyzstan

Match you remember (-):
SEA Games 2007 against Thailand

Goal you remember:
None yet, I play GK

27 years (Non-Professional)

8 years ( NATIONAL Team)

Year Futsal Sallary: N.A.
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal: As Coach

Drink: Orange Juice, Soya milk
Food: Filipino, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Mediterranean dishes
Car, Your Car:
Clothing: any clothing comfortable
Color: Orange and Yellow
Actor: Robert De Niro, Jude Law, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, Tom Hanks,
Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hale Berry
Film: Slumdog Millionare, Godfather Series, Meet Joe Black, Elcid, Jerry Mc Guirre, Forrest Gump, Face-Off
Book: Any book about Fotball/Futsal, Dogs, and Architecture
Women you like: Athletic women with a great smile
Music: nothing in particular, anything that sets my mood
Singer: Jack Johnson
Town for living: Manila
Place for holidays: The Beach
Football club you like: Barcelona
Pet (animal) : Dogs
Game you like: Futsal
Politic: None of those please
3 wishes:
futsal, futsal & futsal

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Nothing at all

Particular Hobbies:
Dogs, Sports, and Architecture

Baltazar Avelino Red

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