Jakov Ungarov
Futsal Player
Futsal Coach

Jakov Ungarov Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Zagreb (Croatia)


Jakov Ungarov Details:

Name: Jakov
Surname: Ungarov
Nickname: Jack, Jaki, Jax
Date of birth: 1/8/1983.
Place of birth: Zagreb, Croatia
Height (cm) : 183
Weight (kg) : 77
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown
Particular signs: Tattoo on right arm
Profession: Master of electrical engineering
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Umbro
Sportsman: Konstantin Eremenko
Futsal Player:
Kike, Vladislav Shayakhmetov, Matija Đulvat
Futsal Coach:
Venancio, Mico Martic, Vitomir Balgojevic, Matija Đulvat, Tiago Polido.
Futsal President:
Milan Martulaš (MNK OVB Allfinanz)
Futsal League you would like to play:
LNFS Division de honor (ESP),
Super league (RUS) or Serie A1 (ITA)
Match you remember (+):
European university futsal championship, Podgorica 2009.,
match for 3. place vs. Portugal (2:1)

Match you remember (-):
World university futsal championship, Poznan 2006., match vs. Russia

Goal you remember:
European university futsal championship,
Novi Sad 2006., final match, goal for 1:0 vs. Slovenia


As a player
2005/2006 MNK Martinovka
2006/2008 MNK Petar
2008/2008 MNK Zagreb Zapad
2008/0000 MNK OVB Allfinanz

As a coach
2009/0000 MNK OVB Allfinanz

Year Futsal Sallary: :-)
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
Absolutely, as a coach

Drink: Sparkling natural water
Food: Lamb
Car, Your Car: -, -
Clothing: Casual
Color: Black, blue, white
Actor: Will Smith
Actress: Megan Fox
Film: Brave heart, Star wars
Book: Anything by Agatha Christie
Women you like: I like all women
Music: Croatian music
Singer: M. P. Thompson
Town for living: Zagreb or Šibenik (Croatia)
Place for holidays: Šibenik
Pet (animal) : Rabbit
Game you like: Poker and other card games
3 wishes:

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
It is hard even to imagine my life without futsal

Particular Hobbies:

Jakov Ungarov

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