Alessandro Nuccorini
Futsal Coach

Alessandro Nuccorini Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Roma (Italy)


Alessandro Nuccorini Details:

Name: Alessandro
Surname: Nuccorini
Date of birth: 16/9/1964
Place of birth: Rome (Italy)
Height (cm): 174
Weight (kg): 79
Hair color:
Eyes color:
Particular signs: no
Professional Futsal Coach and Gemelli Policlinic Employer
Married with:
Giulia and Emanuele
Shoes number:
Shoes trademark:
Only Michel Platini
Futsal Player:
Konstantin Eremenko
Futsal Coach:
Roberto Menichelli
Futsal President:
Fabrizio Tonelli
Futsal League you would like to coach:
Italian National Futsal Team for the moment
Match you remember (+):
Italy - Russia 1-0 (Euro 2003)
Match you remember (-):
Portugal - Italy 3-3 (Guatemala 2000 Qualifiers)
Goal you remember:
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Italy 1-3, Foglia's goal (EURO 2005 Qualifiers)
87/88 Villa Aurelia - Juniores - Coppa Italia Champions
88/89 Villa Aurelia - Juniores - Coppa Italia and Italian Champions
89/90 Roma
90/91 Torrino - Coppa Italia Champions
91/92 Torrino - Coppa Italia Champions
92/93 Torrino - Coppa Italia Champions, Italian Champions
93/94 Torrino - Coppa Italia Champions, Italian Champions
94/95 Torrino - Coppa Italia Champions
95/96 Torrino
96/97 Cynthia Genzano (Football)
97/?? Italian National Futsal team Coach (from June 1997)

Year Futsal Sallary: (:
Drink: Coca Cola
Food: chinese, pizza
Car, Your Car: Megane Scenic Renault
Classic when I must, Casual when I can, but I would live gladly in coveralls
Color: Blue
Actor: Alberto Sordi
Actress: Geynet Paltrow
Film: "Il Marchese del Grillo"
Book: Football Books in general
Women you like: I prefere interesting instead of beautiful women
Music: italian
Singer: Eros Ramazzotti
Town for living: Melbourne (Australia)
Place for holidays: Maldives / New Zealand
Football club you like:
Until few years ago LAZIO, aseptic for the moment
Pat (animal): all
Game you like: All types of Football
Politic: right with distance
3 wishes:
stop the war
resolution of the hunger in the World
health for my family
Without Futsal what you would like to do: Football Coach
Particular Hobbies: Travel and Cinema


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