Bolat Zhakhin
Futsal Planet Collaborator
Futsal Committee Member

Bolat Zhakhin Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Kostanay (Kazakhstan)



Deputy Director of Futsal and Beach Soccer of the Football Federation of Kazakhstan

Name: Bolat
Surname: Zhakhin
Date of Birth: 20/01/1967
Place of Birth: Kostanay, Kazakhstan
Citizenship: Kazakhstan
Height (cm): 183
Weight (kg): 120
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Brown
Particular signs: glasses
Profession: mechanical engineer
Married: yes
Children: two son, grandson and granddaughter
Shoes number: 45
Shoes trademark: adidas
Sportsman: Amateur
Futsal Player: Falcao
Futsal Coach: -
Futsal President: Eremenko
Futsal role you would like to play: goalkeeper

Drink: beer
Food: meat
Car, Your Car: Skoda Octavia Tour
Clothing: sports
Color: dark blue
Actor: Juan Moreno
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Film: Taxi
Book: my book in rymes in 7 languages
Women you like: beautiful
Music: pop
Singer: Patricia Kaas
Town for living: Almaty
Places for holidays: Tokio (JP), Pattaya (THAI), Bodrum (TUR), Shardja (OAE), Kapshagay (KAZ)
Football club you like: Spartak
Pet: dog, cat, parrot
Game you like: football, hockey,
Politic: no politic
3 wishes:
1) no war
2) no earthquake
3) no flood

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
to study 450 languages
Particular Hobbies:
writing poetry in 7 languages

Bolat Zhakhin

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