Adhem Atoumi
Futsal Player

Adhem Atoumi Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Tripoli (Libya)



Name: Adhem
Surname: Atoumi
Nickname: Atoumi
Date of birth: 6/12/1989
Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya
Height (cm) : 185
Weight (kg) : 77
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Black
Profession: Student
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Adidas
Preferred Futsal Player: SERGIO LOZANO
Preferred Futsal Coach: Eduardo Sao-Thiago Lentz
Futsal League you would like to play: Spain
Match you remember (+):
World Cup final 2008 Spain and Brazil in Brazil
Match you remember (-):
many of them
Goal you remember:
JORDI TORRAS goal in the 2008 World Cup final against Brazil

Drink: Orange juice
Food: Chicken
Car, Your Car: BMW
Color: red
Actor: Jason Statham
Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Film: the godfather
Book: Holy Qur'an
Music: Music Lybia
Singer: Cheb Khaled
Place for holidays: Barcelona
Football club you like: AC Milan
Pet (animal) : Lion
Game you like: Playstation3
3 wishes: Desire to learn Spanish
Particular Hobbies: Travel and Tourism


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