Shahabeddin Sofalmanesh
Futsal Coach

Shahabeddin Sofalmanesh Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Tehran (Iran)


Shahabeddin Sofalmanesh Details:

Nickname: SHAHAB
Date of birth: 16/09/1981
Place of birth: Tehran (Iran)
Height (cm) : 176
Weight (kg) : 70
Hair colour: Black
Eyes colour: Brown
Profession: AFC Futsal Instructor, Pro Futsal Coach, Exercise Physiologist, PhD
Engaged with: Married
Shoes number:42
Shoes trademark: Nike
Preferred Sportsman: Cristiano Ronaldo
Preferred Futsal Player: Vahid Shamsaee, Asghar Hassanzade, Ricardinho
Preferred Futsal Coach: Hussein Shams, Venancio Lopez
Preferred Futsal President: Ali Kaffashian, Ali Targholizade
Futsal League you would like to play: Spain, Italy, Russia

Match you remember (+):
Iran – Brazil, 2016 World Cup

Match you remember (-):
Iran – Italy, 2008 World Cup

Goal you remember:
2016 World Cup:
Iran – Paraguay, Mehdi Javid´s goal
Iran – Brazil, Asghar Hasanzade´s goal

2005 Shahid Mansouri
2006 Pushineh Baft
2007 Pushineh Baft
2008 Petroshimy
2010 Shahre Aftab
2012 Iran Women Natioanl Futsal Team
2012 National University Student Team
2012 ID Futsal National Team
2013 T.S.G Member, Asian Olympic Indoor Games - Incheon, South Korea
2013 Dabiri
2014 Tasisat Daryaei
2015 Tasisat Daryaei
2016 Tasisat Daryaei
2016 Futsal Club Toronto
2017 Lebanon National Futsal Team

Year Futsal Salary: It Depends
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
As an Instructor and Coach

Drink Lemon Juice
Food: Pizza
Car, Your Car: Hyundai
Clothing: Sport Style and Casual
Colour: Blue
Actor: Kevin Costner
Actress: Angelina July, Nicole Kidman
Film: Condemned, Criminals
Book: Nightingale
Music: All Music – Pop & Classic More
Singer: Jenifer Lopez
Town for living: Barcelona, Toronto
Place for holidays: Jamaica, Panama
Football club you like: Barcelona
Pet (animal) : Dog
Game you like: Chess
Politic: No
3 wishes:
Olympic Futsal

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Teaching in the University

Particular Hobbies:
Travel & Study and Listening to the Music

Shahabeddin Sofalmanesh

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