Patrick Willemarck
UEFA Futsal Referee Observer

Patrick Willemarck Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Turnhout (Belgium)



International Futsal Referee Since 1998-2006
FIFA Futsal Refereeing Instructor

Name: Patrick
Surname: Willemarck
Date of birth: 13.08.1959
Place of birth: Turnhout
Place of living: Antwerp
Profession: Banker
Civil Status: Married
Children: Matthias, Eline, Sylvie, Nicolas
Mother tongue: Dutch
Other languages: French, English and German
Family, Jogging, Badminton, Literature, Financial News
Referee since: 1978
Futsal Ref since: 1986
FIFA Futsal Ref: 1998
Best Futsal Players:
Grunholz, Eremenko and Manoel Tobias
Best Futsal Memory:
Intercontinental Cup Oktober 1998 : Final Game in Moscow
European Futsal Championship 2001 in Moscow

Patrick Willemarck

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