Adriano Barbosa De Menezes
Futsal Coach

Adriano Barbosa De Menezes Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)



Name: Adriano
Surname: Barbosa De Menezes
Date of birth: 2/12/1964
Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro (BRA)
Height (cm): 180
Weight (kg): 78
Hair colour: Brown
Eyes colour: Brown
Particular signs: I am beginning to become bald
Profession: Professional Futsal Coach and Sports Company Agent
Married with: Loli Reyes
Children: 2 (Adriano 7 years and Antonio 2 years)
Shoes number: 40
Shoes trademark: Agla
Sportsman: Pele, Michael Jordan
Futsal Player: Vander Iacovino, Sergio Sapo, Super Mauro
Futsal Coach: Javier Lozano, Marcos Moraes
Futsal President: Albert Calpe (Lleida)
Futsal League you would like to coach:
LNFS - Division dee Honor
Match you remember (+):
Chieti - Palermo and Torre Lodones - Interviu
Match you remember (-):
Vasco - Flamengo and Sadia - Perdigao
Goal you remember:
Tio Sam - Bradesco
Futsal (as a player)
1972-1982 C.R. Vasco de Gama (Brazil)
1983-1984 Fulminense F.C. (Brazil)
1984-1986 Flamengo (Brazil) and Rio de Janeiro Selection
1986-1987 Bangu A.C. (Brazil) and Rio de Janeiro Selection
1987-1988 Sadia S.D. Santa Catarina (Brazil)
1988-1989 C.R. Flamengo (Brazil) and Union Sport Madrid (Spain)
1989-1990 Torrelodones Madrid (Spain) and Tio Sam (Brazil)
1990-1991 Molduras Samboal Segovia (LNFS Division de Plata)
1991-1992 Ciutat Lleida (LNFS Division de Plata) and Garvey Jerez (LNFS Division de Honor)
1992-1994 Garvey Jerez (LNFS Division de Honor)
1994-1995 Mitsubishi Ceuta (LNFS Division de Honor) and M. Obrero Cordoba (LNFS Division de Plata)
1995-1996 Policia Local Ceuta - Promotion in A1
1996-1997 C.R. Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
1997-1998 Iate Kaiser (Brazil) and Tartessos Sanlucar (Spain)
1998-1999 Cadramon Lux (Spain)
1999-2000 Algeciras F.S.

Futsal (as a coach)
1997-1998 Tartessos Sanlucar (Spain)
1998-1999 Cadramon Lux (Spain)
1999-2000 Algeciras F.S.
2000-2001 CUS Chieti (Italian Serie A2) - Promoted in Italian Serie A1
2001-2002 C.L. Terni (Italian Serie A2)

Year Futsal Sallary: 30.000 Euro
Drink: Fruit Juice
Food: "Pasta"
Car, Your Car: 4x4 Ford
Clothing: Fashion
Color: Red
Actor: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson
Actress: Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Sophia Loren
Film: I like comedies and thrillers
Book: "El Alquimista" Paolo Coelho
Women you like: moraine
Music: all
Singer: U2, Elton John
Town for living: Cadiz
Place for holidays: beach and campaign
Football club you like: Xerez Deportivo
Pat (animal): ferret, dog and iguana
Sports game you like: footvolley
Politic: Gorbachev, Mandela, Gandhi, Papa
3 wishes:
To travel around the World
To go to the Moon
To play/coach on FIFA World Futsal Championship or on Olympics Game
Without Futsal what you would like to do:
To living and working in the campaign
Particular Hobbies: animals, make yourself, traveling


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