Kasra Asrar Haghighi
Futsal Player
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Kasra Asrar Haghighi Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Tehran (Iran)




Name: Kasra
Surname: Asrar Haghighi
Date of birth: 25/08/1979
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Height (cm): 173 cm
Weight (kg): 70 kg
Hair colour: Black
Eyes colour: Brown
Particular signs: -
Profession (if not Futsal): Student
Married with (Girlfriend): Single
Children: 0
Shoes number: 42.5 EU
Sportsman: Pele
Futsal Player: Manuel Tobias, Mohammad Reza Haidarian
Futsal League you would like to play: Italy, Spain, Brazil
Match you remember (+):
British Columbia vs Queensland, 2001 US National Championships
Match you remember (-):
Canada vs Brazil, 2000 Rio Cup
Goal you remember: Goal vs Queensland, 2001 US National Championships
Canadian Mens National Team 2000/01
British Columbia Futsal 2000/01
Year Futsal Sallary: Nil
After the Player Carrier you will remain in Futsal:
I would like to contribute to the sport.
Drink: H20
Food: Kabab
Car, Your Car: Ferrari, Public Transport
Color: Cyan, magenta, yellow
Actor: Sean Connery
Film: The Usual Suspects, Star Wars
Book: The Quran
Music: Many kinds (Classical)
Town for living: Vancouver, Canada
Place for holidays: Dubai, UAE
Football club you like: Juventus
Pet (animal): Parrot
Sports game you like: Volleyball, Table Tennis, Squash
Politic: Nil
3 wishes:
Be healthy
Be safe
Be happy
Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Play football
Particular Hobbies:
Staying in shape, studying, socializing


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