Alberto Pastor
Futsal Journalist
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Alberto Pastor Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Barcelon (Spain)



Alberto Pastor Details:

Marital status: Married
Wife's name: Sabrina
Idol: I have not any idols but admire lot of people
Best Futsal Players in Spain:
Lorente, Paulo Roberto, Jesús …
Best Futsal Players in the World:
Lorente, Manoel Tobías and Eremenko!!!
Best coaches in the World:
Javier Lozano
Best squads in the world:
Interviu Boomerang and El Pozo Murcia
Unforgetable matches:
Barcelona: Spain - Brazil 4-6 (Spain '96 - World Cup Final)
I love all music (classic, pop, country, rock), but for me, the Big One is AC/DC
Any historical book
Actor: Clint Eastwood
Actress: Jodie Foster
Movie: The Blues Brothers
Food: Paella
Beverage: Bier
Best place to spend vacations: Australia
What do you admire: The friendship and sincerity
What would you like to change in the world: The hypocrisy
Keyword: Solidarity
Hobby: To Travel

Alberto Pastor

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