Pierre Moreau
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Pierre Moreau Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Namur (Belgium)



Name: MOREAU Pierre
Date of birth: 07/04/1953
Place of birth: Namur (Belgium)
Profession (if not Futsal): Mathematic teacher
Married: yes
Children’s: 3

Like a Futsal Player:
From 1980 to 1992 Mini-Biran Beauraing

Like a Futsal Officer:
From 1984 to 1990:
Member of the “Conseil d’adminstration de la Ligue francophone de football en sale”
From 1990 to 1992 Second chairman of the “Ligue francophone de football en sale” (Fifusa now)
From 1985 to 1987 second chairman of the “province of Namur – football en sale”(fifusa now)
From 1987 to 1991 chairman of “the province of Namur – football en sale”
From 1992 to this day: member of “Committee futsal of URBSFA”

Match you remember (+):
Spain vs Netherlands in Granada (four nations tournament in 1995(?))
Car, Your Car: Ford
Place for living: I’m living in Beauraing (Belgium-prov.of Namur)
Place for holidays: France - Italy
Football club you like: nothing - I think only futsal…
Game you like: … futsal
I’ am member of the “municipality committee”(?) =”Conseil communal” of my town Beauraing since 1995 (opposition-DC).
3 wishes:
1) unicity of the futsal in the world and particularly in my country where there are two federations URBSFA (FIFA-800 teams) and ABFS (fifusa-2 500teams but the oldest federation – birth in 1968)
2) I hope that all country play futsal with the law of FIFA in the national major competitions and not with national particularities.
3) I hope also that all futsal committees are constituted by members issue of futsal and not of football. And so, the futsal can have a futsal spirit mainly in the redaction of the law. I think mainly about the yellow and red card for the substitute players and coaches, the stop of the time during a “10 m”.
Without Futsal what you would like to do: … I would to create it (futsal)
Particular Hobbies: futsal, futsal and my children.


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