Antoine Merlino
Futsal Player
Club 100

Antoine Merlino Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Geleen (Netherlands)


Antoine Merlino Details:

Name: Antoine
Surname: Merlino
Date of birth: 23/5/1978
Place of birth: Geleen (NED)
Height (cm): 180
Weight (kg): 73
Hair color: brown
Eyes color: blue
Particular signs: no
Profession: Futsal
Married with: girlfriend, Joyce
Children: no
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Munich and Dal Ponte
Sportsman: Michael Jordan
Futsal Player: Falcao
Futsal Coach: Javier Lozano
Futsal President: -
Futsal League you would like to play: Division de Honor, Serie A1
Match you remember (+): all matches at the WC 2000 in Guatemala
Match you remember (-): Netherlands - Slovenia 2-6 (Qua. UEFA EC 2003)
Goal you remember:
Netherlands - Thailand 3-1 Tiger 5's; my first goalfor dutch team
6 years Fortuna Sittard
3 years ZVV Meyers,
4 years Bunga Melati,
1 year Minicup-Lommel (BEL)
Year Futsal Sallary: ??
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal: I hoop so
Drink: 7-up,cola
Food: spaghetti
Car, Your Car: volkswagen, golf
Clothing: D&G, Boss, replay, g-star
Color: blue
Actor: Bradd Pit
Actress: Julia Roberts
Film: "The Last Samurai"
Book: David Beckham
Women you like: my girlfriend Joyce
Music: R&B, top 40, trance
Singer: Usher
Town for living: Messina (my father birthplace)
Place for holidays: Italy, Mexico, Caribean Area
Football club you like: AC MILAN
Pat (animal):-
Game you like: futsal and all sports
Politic: -
3 wishes: to be happy, peace and a good health
Without Futsal what you would like to do: Football
Particular Hobbies: My girlfriend, football, holidays

Antoine Merlino

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