Danilo Lemma
Futsal Coach
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Danilo Lemma Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Varese (Italy)


Danilo Lemma Details:

Name: Danilo
Surname: Lemma
Date of birth: 06/05/1979
Place of birth: Varese (Italy)
Height (cm): 183
Weight (kg): 86
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Green
Particular signs: no
Profession: IT Specialist
Childrens: no
Shoes number: 46
Shoes trademark: Munich
Sportsman: Lilian Thuram, Ayrton Senna and George Best
Futsal Player:
Kike Boned, Daniel Ibanes, Schumacher, Matias Lucuix, Luis Amado, Marquinho, Cirilo
Futsal Coach:
Miguel Rodrigo, Jesus Velasco, Josť Venancio Lopez Hierro, Jesus Candelas, Diego Podda, Sergio Gargelli and Pulpis
Futsal League you would like to coach:
Italian Serie A1
Match you remember (+):
Lombardia - Veneto 5-1 Final Match of Italian Regions Tournament 2013!
Match you remember (-):
Faventia - Saints Pagnano 10-1 (17-1-2015)
Goal you remember:
Last goal of Lombardia - Basilicata 7-6 scored by Marcello Esposito in the last seconds of the match
As a coach
2002/2003 - Cardano 91 [Juniores Lombardia]
2003/2004 - Carioca [Juniores Lombardia (until November)]
2003/2004 - Vedanese [C2/A Lombardia (since January)]
2004/2005 - Vedanese [C2/A Lombardia]
2005/2006 - Project Team C/5 [C2/A Lombardia (until Dicember)]
2005/2006 - Real Padernova B.F. [C1 Lombardia (since January, until February)]
2006/2007 - New Team Galaxy 2000 [D/A Lombardia, CHAMPIONSHIP WON]
2007/2008 - New Team Galaxy 2000 [C2/A Lombardia, CHAMPIONSHIP WON]
2008/2009 - New Team Galaxy 2000 [C1 Lombardia]
2009/2010 - New Team C5 [C1 Lombardia]
2010/2011 - ACSI Aurora [C1 Lombardia]
2011/2012 - Futsal San Damiano [C1 Lombardia, CHAMPIONSHIP AND REGIONAL CUP WON]
2012/2013 - Lombardia Team [ITALIAN Champions of the Regions Cup]
2013/2014 - Cardano 91 [C2/A Lombardia, PLAYOFF FINAL]
2014/2015 - Saints Pagnano [B/B Italy, FIRST ROUND OF PLAYOFF]
2015/2016 - Saints Pagnano [B/A Italy]

3 Times Fair-Play Cup Won (2004,2009,2012)

Year Futsal Salary: :-D
Drink: Martini Rosso
Food: "Pasta al forno"
Car, Your Car: Dodge Viper, Mini Cooper
Clothing: Tommy Hilfilger
Color: Orange and Blue
Actor: Denzel Washington, Edward Norton, Ben Stiller
Actress: Julienne Moore, Elizabeth Hurley
Film: Matrix Trilogy, 2001 Space Odissey, Remember The Titans
Book: "The Best", by George Best
Women you like: brunette
Music: rock, pop, alternative
Singer: Radiohead
Town for living: Tokyo
Place for holidays: London and N.Y.
Football club you like: Juventus
Pat (animal): cat(Blinky)
Game you like: Fantacalcio, Videogames
3 wishes:
No violence with sports
No protests against referees
Futsal becomes one of the most famous sports in the world
Without Futsal what you would like to do: sports journalist
Particular Hobbies: Videogames, Internet, Music, Cinema, Tennis

Danilo Lemma

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