Luca Di Eugenio
Futsal Coach

Luca Di Eugenio Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Atri (TE) (Italy)



Name: Luca
Surname: Di Eugenio
Date of birth: 16/04/1970
Place of birth: Atri (TE)
Height (cm): 179
Weight (kg): 93
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Light blue
Profession (if not Futsal): CUS Employee
Shoes number: 42 2/3
Shoes trademark: Adidas
Sportsman: Cassius Clay
Futsal Player: Alessandro Cordoval de Barros
Futsal Coach: Douglas Pierrotti
Futsal President: Mario Di Marco
Futsal League you would like to play: English
Match you remember (+):
Torrino C/5 - Cus Chieti 2 - 2 (Torrino Sporting Club, season 1995/96)
Match you remember (-):
Lazio - Cus Chiesti 6 - 4 (Palatiziano, Roma)
Goal you remember:
Cus Chiesti - Roma RCB 8 - 6 (season 1995/96)

As a player
(82/94), Hatria calcio (Juvenile teams, Eccellenza, Promozione - football)
(94/00), Cus Chieti
(00/01), Ripa Teatina (Promozione - football)
(01/02), Chieti C/5 (D)
(02/03), Minerva C/5 (D)
(03/04), Raiano (B)
As a coach
(96/01), CUS Chieti (juvenile team)
(01/04), Head of juvenile teams of CUS Chieti
(04/05), CUS CHIETI (A)

Year Futsal Salary: -
Drink: Guinness
Food: "Rape and fagioli"
Car, Your Car: Mini Cooper 1300, Lancia Y
Clothing: Casual
Color: Black and white
Actor: John Wayne
Actress: Claudia Cardinale
Film: "Invito a cena con delitto" by Blake Edwards, with Peter Sellers
Book: "I libelli" by Indro Montanelli
Singer: John Lennon / The Business
Town for living: London
Place for holidays: Great Britain (England)
Football club you like: FC Juventus
Sport you like: Football
Politic: Liberal, following the tradition of Einaudi, Prezzolini and Montanelli
3 wishes: Serenity for me, good health for my family, Champions league for FC Juventus
Without Futsal what you would like to do: History teacher in a high school
Particular Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, travelling


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