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Meanwhile, the Sports and Tourism Ministry and the Football Association of Thailand have joined hands to host the Thailand 5's International 4 Nation Futsal Championship, which will be held at the Nimbutr National Stadium from November 20-23.

The inaugural tournament will feature big names such as Brazil, Russia and Japan besides hosts Thailand. The event will serve as a warm-up for the Thai team that will participate in the Futsal World Cup next year. Sports and Tourism Minister Sontaya Kunplome said yesterday that the tournament was being organised to support Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's policy of promoting sports and tourism in Thailand.

"This is a great opportunity to boost the country's economy by attracting tourists to Thailand," he said. "Football is a sport that can be played on all surfaces, and we hope to boost the image of Futsal in Thailand," Sontaya added.

Thailand have made an impressive impact in Futsal since their debut in 1999, moving swiftly to third in the Asian rankings behind Iran and Japan. Brazil will be coming into this tournament as favourites, followed by Japan, who are currently ranked second in Asia while Russia are ranked fourth in Europe.


4.00pm Live: Thailand - Russia 0-2
6.00pm Delayed: Brazil - Japan 5-2

4.00pm Live: Thailand - Japan 0-0
6.00pm Delayed: Brazil vs Russia 3-1

4.00pm Live: Thailand vs Brazil 1-11
6.00pm Delayed: Japan vs Russia 6-2

1. Brazil ----------------------3-3-0-0-19--4-9
2. Japan -----------------------3-1-1-1--8--7-4
3. Russia ----------------------3-1-0-2--5--9-3
4. Thailand --------------------3-0-1-2--1-13-1

2.00pm Live: (3rd & 4th Placing) Thailand vs Russia 3-6 (1-4)
4.00pm Live: (Final) Brazil vs Japan 7-2 (5-0)

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