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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Russia vs Portugal 2-3 (1-0)

Eder Lima again on target
After three "calm" minutes, Russia found an early lead with Chishkala stealing a ball to Pedro Cary, serving Robinho who gave Eder Lima the chance to take Russia ahead. Portuguese reaction came through Andrč Coelho (denied by Romulo) and then with a free-kick by Bruno Coelho very close to the russian net.

Robinho masterpiece
At minute six one of the best memories of the tournament: Robinho's winning 1vs1 and sweet touch ending on the goalpost: a wonderful goal missed, pity.
Russia seemed to stay in the pitch much better in comparison with previous games in Ljublana, and had more chances to double the lead with Lyskov, Chishkala and Robinho with Portugal unable to react in proper way as they did vs Azerbaijan. All this forced Jorge Braz to call for time-out at minute 13.

New Portugal
The lusitan side finally seemed to be more confident after the time-out and had three great chances to equalize: Tiago Brito's pass for Pedro Cary (out), Nilson's assist for Tiago Brito (saved by Zamtaradze) and Ricardinho's lonely effort one more time denied by the russian goalie. At half time: Russia 1, Portugal 0.

Andrč Coelho equalizer
Russia started well in the second part, with Eder Lima missing a couple of shots (including a bicycle kick) in the very beginning. After that Portugal took the control of the game and was close to the draw with a free kick by Bruno Coelho, having then more chances with Fabio Cecilio, Joao Matos and Tiago Brito. A kind of premise for the deserved tie, which came thanks to a ball not controlled by Romulo and ended on the Andrč Coelho feet: terrific shot and 1-1 in the score.

5th portuguese foul. Andrč Coelho, the hero
With five minutes to go Portugal committed the 5th foul, so that Russia seemed to count on a basic advantage in the dying minutes of the game. Wrong prediction: as one more missile by the man of the match Andrč Coelho completed the lusitan comeback. 35.44 in the game: Russia 1, Portugal 2.

Bruno Coelho, Eder Lima
With less than two minutes left a late flying keeper was in the pitch (Abramov) for Russia. When a clear foul by Andrč Sousa (the sixth one, also!) was not sanctioned Bruno Coelho was fast enough to score from this area: 1-3 and huge russian complaints for what happened just before the final shot. Game over? Not for Eder Lima, immediately on target with 49 seconds left: 2-3. Russia tried so hard, till the end: even the last pass for Robinho destinated to Abramov was close enough to cause some troubles to Portuguese defense. Second final for Portugal, as they will try to get their first ever title vs Kazakhstan or Spain. Game attendance: 6023 futsal fans.


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