KAZAKHSTAN vs SPAIN 6-8 ap-> match report

UEFA Futsal EURO 2018
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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Kazakhstan vs Spain 6-8 ap (ps: 1-3; 5-5 aet;4-4;1-2)

Douglas and Taynan, the kazakh weapon
Since the beginning of the game (attendance: 5657 futsal fans) , with no 5vs4 game for Kazakhstan, it was clear that the "couple" of men to rely on was given by Douglas and Taynan. And after two attempts by Zhamankulov and captain Suleimenov a tangible proof was given by the Kazakh opener: great counter-attack by Douglas for the final and winning touch of Taynan. Minute 7': Kazakhstan 1, Spain 0.

Then the game had many minutes of strong fight and great balance, with both teams having their "tickets" in order to change the score. Higuita denied Pola with a great save, same done by Paco Sedano vs Douglas shots.

Yesenamanov, no luck
Exactly as happened with Aigoun vs France, Spain had some luck at their side as an apparently harmless corner kick was touched by Yesenamanov without any chances for Higuita to save it from the kazakh net, 1-1.

Douglas on fire, TolrÓ on target
Kazakhstan didn't lost their way and started again to set up excellent playing style, Taynan served Douglas for an easy touch that needed some kind of miracle by Paco Sedano.
Then it came the "big surprise" as Venancio called on Barcelona's Marc TolrÓ (who had few minutes in the pitch in the tournament till that moment) and was immediately awarded by his shot: Kazakhstan 1, Spain 2 which is also the score at half time.

Stunning Higuita, surprising Taku
Minute 24 plus some seconds: Kazakhstan showing their main (but not only) skin using the flying keeper. Spain, one more time, is affected by this kind of tactics and can't defend it at their best. The rest is given by the oustanding Higuita: what a shot! 2-2.
Once reached the equalizer is a matter of, believe it or not, 45 seconds: a ball reaches the "new-entry" Taku in the spanish area: Kazkhstan now leads 3-2 and the game is changed again. This is futsal, isn'it?

Venancio is again right
One more change in the roster proves Venancio Lopez's experience in such kind of competitions: at minute 28' Joselito is in and immediately score taking advantage of a spanish throw-in: 3-3, what a match in the Arena Stozice.

One more time: Pola
Minute 33' ball possession for Kzakhstan works fine but one mistake by Nurgozhin is fatal for Cacau side: man of the match by Futsalplanet.com Pola's interception means one more goal by the Movistar Inter star. 3-4, everything changes again.

Kazakh answer: Douglas
In one of the best UEFA Futsal Euro 2018 games for sure... Kazakhstan wanted to show they were still alive and in the last efforts of their game managed one more time to reach the equalizer with a long distance shot by Douglas helped by a little mistake by the oustanding Paco Sedano. 4-4, the endless tale. Full time, need for extra ten minutes.

Time for Miguelin
Maybe a missing star of Slovenia 2018 so far was Miguelin. Problem solved at minute 42: his terrific shot gives no chance to Higuita. Spain leading 4-5 in this magnificent battle.

Best ever assist: Taynan
Tired Kazakhstan were trying to extend their life at UEFA Futsal EURO, something made possible by an unbelievable pass done by Taynan in favour of Zhamakulov for the definitive, thrilling, 5-5 score. Penalties coming

Spain through, Kazakhstan proud
The only six metres mistake by Taynan was decisive in order to grant Spain their access to saturday final. Miguelin, Ortiz and Lin all scored, while Pershin made it for Kazakhstan. A wonderful game, the essence of this sport.


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