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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Russia vs Kazakhstan 1-0 (0-0)

Ten minutes, goalless
A lazy game in the Arena Stozice between Russia and Kazakhstan, maybe nobody salivating at the idea of a bronze medal, especially after the huge disappointment experienced by both teams in thursday semifinals.
Russia had some initial efforts through Robinho, but the the first risk came by the feet of Taynan (assist man) and Douglas, whose shot has been saved by a careful Zamtaradze. Then some more attempts by Suleimenov, Eder Lima, Davydov and Taynan but no luck at all. Same destiny for the biggest chance of the first ten minutes: Orazov shot denied by the goalpost.

Russia close, Higuita on fire
Minute 16', Russia starts playing for the medal with more commitment. Hard to believe but the same thing happened in the space of 60 seconds: a double chance Eder Lima/Chishkala denied (4/4 times, not that bad) by Higuita. Then it was Abramov turn: two more miracles by the best keeper of the tournament so far. The last chance of the first half went through a terrific shot by Douglas, so close to the russian net. Half time: Russia 0, Kazakhstan 0.

Russian opener
Abramov hit the goalpost after five minutes in the second half and Higuita was again outstanding vs Eder Lima and Robinho, enough to lose all hopes in leading the game. So that Kazakhstan decided to help their rivals, with possibly the only "big mistake" by Douglas in the whole tournament, conceding a corner kick to Russia when Higuita was out of his goal. This took to the man of the match by Futsalplanet.com Eder Lima fast and winning shot at goal. Russia 1, Kazakhstan 0.

Taku and Taynan chances. Douglas out
Kazakh reaction was immediate: both Taku (out) and Taynan (great save by Zamtaradze) were close to the tie. Shadows were on the kazakh roster when Douglas was sanctioned with the second yellow card and then sent off: just a little stain on a perfect tournament. Though Russia could not take advantage of the power play and the scored stayed the same.

Pershin, last chances
Mikhail Pershin was "the man" for Kazakhstan in the last five minutes having three-four chances to equalize and finding Zamtaradze on his way. Game (attendance: 8217) over and bronze medal taking the road to Russia: not the best game seen in Ljubljana for sure.


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