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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Portugal vs Spain 3-2 a2et (2-2 a1et;2-2;1-1)

Ricardinho's shock
A shot after two seconds, a goal after 59 seconds. This is the start of the match (attendance: 10.352) for lusitan star Ricardinho, with Spain committing unforced mistakes and not in the game for the very first minutes. This trend didn't change for the first part of the initial half, with Braz's team much better and with chances to increase their lead through Fabio Coelho and Ricardinho.

Spain, first signals
Just after thirteen minutes Lin shot at goal went out after a good assist by Alex, same thing one minute later with Pola's attempt denied by Andrč Sousa. Spain finally in the game? Also, with five minutes left Portugal committed their 5th foul, bad news for Braz.

Dangerous Portugal, Tolrŕ equalizer
A more confident Spain started to play "their game", though Portugal still had chances to double their lead with Joao Matos and Nilson with a good answer by Paco Sedano. Everybody was ready to go at half time with Portugal ahead, when a great spanish display allowed Tolrŕ to equalize the score with a soft touch. Half time: Portugal 1, Spain 1. Twenty more minutes to crown the European Champions.

Spain in control, Portugal back again
The second half started with Spain "risking" to score immediately through Miguelin and Pola. Venancio's squad now looked to be much more confident and back on their standard in this kind of games.
After that the balance came back and Portugal were again dangerous with special regard to the Andrč Coelho shots by long distance. Then Ricardinho forced Paco Sedano to feature his best save of the tournament so far, something amazing from both sides.

Set play: Lin scores
When Portugal seemed to be more in control of the game, as sometimes happens in our sport, Spain was ready to hit with one of their "topics", the set play. A free kick by Miguelin found Lin alone in the lusitan area. Portugal 1, Spain 2.

More troubles for Portugal
With six minutes and half left Portugal again reached their 5th foul so had to be careful in managing their defensive game and aggressiveness trying to equalize.

Pure spectacle
Few minutes to go, now you have to do something more if you wanna be the new European champs. And teams were not there to disappoint. Portugal reached their sixth foul and Miguelin's double penalty ended onthe crossbar (Vitor Hugo in to save it, replacing Andrč Sousa), then Ricardinho's lob was denied by a wonderful Paco Sedano who definitely redeemed his mistakes in Kazakhstan game.

Pedro Cary, flying keeper with... white shirt?
3'11 left, Braz asks his time out and insert Pedro Cary as flying keeper: the last card to be played in order to reach the extra time. This caused some spanish complaints due to grey/white shirt used by the goleiro-linha, surely a wrong point in the final.

Bruno Coelho, Portuguese delirium
Jorge Braz choice was awarded with more than one minute left, as Bruno Coelho scored the equalizer and forced the extra time between Portugal and Spain. Worth final!

Extra time
No great chances in the beginning of first extra time, until Miguelin and Andrč Coelho tried to take the lead with no luck.

Ricardinho out, Bebe so close
A fight vs Pola seemd to be fatal for Ricardinho in the start of the second extra time, while Bebe had his greatest chance and Spain was once again unlucky with the ball ending on the goalpost with no hope for Andrč Sousa to save it.

Brave Braz, Lin almost there
Portugal even played some seconds with Andrč Sousa as flying keeper, while Lin had a big chance to close the game and score a double but missed it

Bruno Coelho, national hero!
56 seconds to go: Solano committs Spain's sixth foul and man of the match Bruno Coelho completes his magnificent tournament scoring the goal of the tournament. Braz & guys masterpiece accomplished, Portugal can finally celebrate the title they were dreaming since a while" Muitos parabéns to the brand new European Champions!!


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