Futsal Hellas: keeping up the wonderful legacy of Dimitri Nicolaou

Futsal Hellas: English version now available
Futsal in Greece is evolving and so is the media! Futsalhellas.com now features an english version as well as a mobile version to keep futsal fans informed about what is happening in the Greek Super League and more. In these versions you can find all the championships, scorers, history, videos, and information about the National Team.

Continuing on the precious work of Dimitri Nicolaou and his legacy, futsalhellas is also available on facebook, instagram, and on youtube with rare videos and footage of 20 years of futsal in Greece. Futsalhellas in honour of the celebration of 20 years of futsal in Greece is establishing a National Voting for the "Best of 20 years Awards" that will distinguish the top players,coaches, managers, and team of all time. In addition a Life-Time Achievement will be introduced, to be awarded annually from now on, honouring local people who have worked hard to establish and keep this sport alive all these years despite the limited resources.

The aim is to honour but also motivate people to continue to try their best to make Futsal the #BestSportOnEarth. Join us!


Dimitri Nicolaou: friends will be friends!

Dimitri Nicolaou: friends will be friends!


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