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2018 Futsal Canadian Championship
Courtesy: Canada Soccer

Canada Soccer's 2018 Futsal Canadian Championship

19-22 April at the Queen's University Athletics & Recreation Centre (ARC) in Kingston, ON.

Tickets are $5 daily and available online and at the Queen’s ARC Box Office.

Livestream available via Canada Soccer TV (All times EDT).

Regulations: 2018 Futsal Canadian Championship (PDF)

Canada Soccer's 2017 Futsal Canadian Championship

21-23 April in Kingston, ON. Live via Canada Soccer TV (YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

Schedule of Events

Friday 21 April 2017

19.00 ET: Sporting Outlaws FC (QC) 9:3 Futsal Club Toronto (ON) (Stream archive)

Saturday 22 April 2017
11.00 ET: Futsal Club Toronto (ON) 5:5 Olimpia SK FC (SK) (Stream archive)
14.00 ET: Youth Futsal Clinic
18.00 ET: Olimpia SK FC (SK) 1:2 Sporting Outlaws FC (QC) (Stream archive)

Sunday 23 April 2017
12.00 ET: Championship Match Sporting Outlaws FC (QC) 7:3 Olimpia SK FC (SK) (Stream archive)
14.00 ET: Awards Ceremony

2018 Futsal Canadian Championship

2018 Futsal Canadian Championship

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