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Bolton Futsal Club hit 12 in Derby demolition to reach FA Cup quarter-finals

17th April

BOLTON Futsal Club stormed through to the futsal FA Cup quarter-finals with a resounding 12-5 victory over Uni of Derby.

The hosts produced one of their best performances of the season if not the best as they stepped up a gear when necessary to overwhelm the visitors in the second-round match.

They carved out fantastic chances and finished clinically, although conceding five goals gives some cause for concern and they will be looking to shore up the defence in the next round.

At the other end two goals each from Jose Sabatel, Matt Carr, inspirational head coach Fahid Sulemane, Dan Faulkner and Neto Ferrarini, and one for impressive 16-year-old Shimon Peers and captain Ash Jones crushed the visitors for whom Rod Valko and Sam Huntingdon both scored two and Immanuel Freeman got the other.

It is Bolton's first appearance in the national competition, and the second-round match also saw a celebration of the sport which included a four-team under-7s round-robin tournament involving Bolton, North Walkden Reds, Athletico Buckshaw and Brickfield Rangers.

Bolton's newly-formed development team, who will begin league competition next season, were also in action, beating Manchester 3-2 with a performance which showed encouraging signs for the future.

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