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World Cup winning coach at fund raiser for Nate Deas

April 18 2018

AUSTRALIA’S 1999 World Cup winning rugby union coach Rod Macqueen was among those who attended a fund raiser for Australian under 13 futsal representative Nate Deas at Harrington Waters Golf Club.

Nate is raising money to take his place in the Australian team heading to Barcelona later this year.

All proceeds from the fourth annual Lazzarini Larrkins Challenge played at Harrington Waters GC went to assist him.

The event is supported by residents of Lazzarini Drive at Harrington Waters and is a two person ambrose with the pins cut in unusual locations on the green to make putting even more challenging than usual.

Belinda and Bob Baxter were the winners.

Macqueen said he was incredibly impressed that the community and Harrington Waters Golf Club supported such a worthy cause. He believes the tour will be a life changing experience for Nate

“The day was a great success and I was overwhelmed with the generosity of the community,’’ Nate’s mum, Sam said.

“However, we still have a long way to go with more than $5000 still to be paid to get Nate there and we are hoping we can continue to get community support.’’

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