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Jordan takes futsal to the highest level

by Louis Mayfield

APRIL 19 2018

Playing on the world stage is a big step up from kicking the soccer ball around in your backyard.

But Jordan Velthuizen-Kuchel is determined to catch selectors’ eyes as he competes for South Australia in the ESPN World U15 Futsal Championship.

In a remarkable achievement for just a 15-year-old, Jordan is the only player from the country to be selected for the team after a series of rigorous training sessions in Adelaide.

Ironically Jordan considered futsal as ‘something on the side’, with his main focus on soccer. But now he’s will be on his way to Orlando, Florida to take on futsal teams from around the world.

“I was very excited to make the team,” he said.

“I’m expecting it to be a tough competition. We’re taking on teams such as Spain and Germany.”

Jordan competed in a futsal tournament in Sydney, and was then invited to try out for the team. Once selected, he has to travel to Adelaide for 15 weeks in a row to train.

Futsal is a variation on association soccer played on a hard court, usually indoors. There is an emphasis on movement and passing at a fast pace.

Jordan regularly plays on the flank, using his speed to help bring the ball up the floor and send it into dangerous positions.

The trips to Adelaide have continued for Jordan as he trains in preparation for Worlds. The travel costs have also put a financial burden on his family.

Jordan’s mother Karen Velthuizen said she would regularly have to change shifts at work to drive him down, with every trip four-and-a-half hour trip to Adelaide costing more petrol.

“Coming from the country it’s a bit harder. Most city people seem to think it’s only a 10-minute drive from Adelaide, but we drive over four hours just for training,” she said.

To support the family, the Whyalla Junior Soccer Association took donations at the gate during the games held at Weerona Bay over the weekend.

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