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Overseas coaches cast their eye over futsal stars

by Paul Jobber

APRIL 19 2018

RENOWNED futsal coaches Daniel Sciacca and Chad Swieca flew into the Hastings on Thursday to hold some school holiday coaching clinics with local Gol Brazil players.

Sciacca is head coach of Gol Brazil in Brisbane and has previously worked with futsal giants GFS in California.

He has also spent some time coaching the national United States women’s team.

Swieca has coached for the last three years in Chicago and has also coached some of the highest levels in the United States.

Sciacca was impressed by the quality of talented futsal stars on the Mid North Coast and “blown away” by what the locals have achieved with their teams at National and International level.

The two overseas coaches were in the Hastings to check out how we are producing such great players, while they coach.

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