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Pukekohe's Jenna Dodd set to take on the world in futsal competition

by Ruwade Bryant

April 23 2018

A Pukekohe woman has been selected to represent New Zealand in futsal.

Jenna Dodd, 18, who is also a soccer player, will go head-to-head against 10 different teams on the indoor football field in Kazakhstan in August for the University Futsal World Championship.

Dodd is studying a bachelor of education and is part of the Auckland University futsal team.

She hasn't been playing futsal for long, but said she is "loving" it so far.

"It's a fast game that requires a lot of strategy," said Dodd.

"You really have to get in the zone and there is quite a bit of aggression."

This won't be the first time she has represented New Zealand - she was selected to represent New Zealand in the New Zealand U18 futsal team last year, a milestone she said was the best moment in her sporting career so far.

"When I walked out [on to the field], I had this feeling in my chest," said Dodd.

"It was that moment when you realise you have got to that point where you're representing New Zealand and wearing the [silver] fern."

Futsal hasn't been her only choice of sport - she is also a football player, and a good one too.

She was selected to represent New Zealand for the New Zealand Secondary School team, which was hand-picked by New Zealand football and captained the Pukekohe High School girl's football team.

Dodd is also hoping to represent New Zealand in futsal at this year's Youth Olympics in September.

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