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Mathivaru Futsal Challenge to be held soon

- Champion team to be rewarded with 30,000 MVR
- Runner-up team will win 10,000 MVR
- MVR 1,500 is the participation fee for the tournament

Association for Mathimaradhoo Improved Generation of Sports, an organization established by Mathimaradhoo youth, organizes a futsal tournament under the name 'Mathivaru Futsal Challenge 2018'.

The organization plans on holding the tournament annually.

They said that any local team can participate in the tournament by paying a fee of MVR 1,500.

Teams interested in participating in the tournament must send the application forms before 8th May. The organization said that the forms will be available at Kunnaarumaage in Mathimaradhoo and requests to call 7900304 for any additional information.

While the champion team's reward is set at MVR 30,000, the runner-up team will be rewarded with MVR 10,000.

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