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Futsal: Warriors enjoy friendly wins over OMJA

01 May 2018

Warriors Futsal took on OMJA Futsal France in two under-20 friendlies last week.

The east London club came out on top 4-3 thanks to a late goal in the first meeting on an outdoor grass pitch at Meath Gardens on Wednesday evening.

The Warriors 6-16 group also watched the action as part of their training and learning, with the match enjoyed by all spectators.

And a second clash took place on the large indoor wooden laminated pitch at Bows Harley Grove on Friday, with Warriors running out winners by a 9-5 margin.

Maikel de Quadros said: It was a highly enjoyable match by an audience of players, referees, managers as well as the spectators.

Both teams then shared a meal with officials, family and friends at Nandos in Mile End and any teams who are interested in playing Warriors can get in touch via Facebook or email info@warriorsfutsalclub.com.

Posted by Luca Ranocchiari --> luca.ranocchiari@futsalplanet.com


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