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Aspire Embassies futsal QFs on Friday

May 01 2018

Aspire Zones Ladies Sports Hall will witness the quarter-finals of the Aspire Embassies Futsal Tournament 2018 on Friday, featuring eight teams from the embassies of India, Sudan, Kenya, Jordan, Syria, Somalia and the teams of Aspire and the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

The teams advanced following a competitive weekend of matches where Kenya took on Kazakhstan in a one-sided game winning 22-0. India and France embassy teams defeated Ethiopia and Algeria 7-5 and 5-1 respectively, while Syria defeated Sudan 10-3.

Last Saturday, group stage matches resumed with MOFA against South Africa that ended 11-4, while Somalia defeated Djibouti 4-2. Aspire secured three precious points against the UK embassy team in a game that ended 7-4, and Syria defeated Spain 3-2.

With these results, the quarter-final matches on Friday will feature India against Sudan at 5pm, Kenya against Jordan at 6pm, Aspire vs MOFA at 7pm and Syria against Somalia at 8pm. The semi-final stage will be held on May 5.

The tournament saw participation of 16 teams in all, representing Algeria, Djibouti, Ethiopia, France, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Syria and the United Kingdom, as well as a team from MOFA representing Qatar and the Aspire Zone team.

AZF organised the second edition of the tournament at the request of the embassies, who had taken part in the first year. The tournament is organised in line with AZFs efforts to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among community members of all ages, and to bring everyone together under the name of sports in an open invitation to change their routine into an active environment. Football fans are welcome to attend the tournament and cheer on their favourite teams.

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