UEFA Futsal Cup - Final Four. Unforgettable match in Moscow! Viz Sinara on the top with an almost 100% russian squad

Viz-Sinara Ekaterinburg, European Champion!

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UEFA Futsal Cup 2007/2008 - Final Four

Moscow (RUS)
Hall: Krylatskoe Sport Palace

Massimo Cumbo (ITA)
Karel Henych (CZE)
Edi Sunjic (CRO)
Karoly Torok (HUN)

Observer: Perry Gautier (BEL)

ElPozo Murcia Turística (Spain)
MFK Dinamo Moscow (Russia)
Kairat Almaty (Kazakhstan)
MFK Viz-Sinara Ekaterinburg (Russia)


18.30 Kairat Almaty - Viz Sinara Ekaterinburg 1-4 (1-0)
20.30 Dinamo Moscow - ElPozo Murcia Turistica 3-5 a.p. (pen.series: 2-4;1-1;1-1;1-1;1-1)


3rd/4th Place Match
17.00 Kairat Almaty - Dinamo Moscow 0-5 (0-2)

1st/2nd Place Match
19.30 Viz-Sinara Ekaterinburg - ElPozo Murcia Turistica 7-6 a.p. (pen. series: 3-2 ;4-4;4-4;4-4;1-1)

UEFA Futsal Cup 2007/2008 Winner: Viz-Sinara Ekaterinburg


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UEFA Futsal Cup 2007/2008 - Final Four

Italian & International Futsal Yearbook - Season 2007/2008

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