Belgium (Men Adult Tournaments)
Dynamic Houthalen Euro Cup 2002 - Men
Edition 3
International Futsal Tournament

City: Hasselt (BEL)

Start Date:
End Date:

Hall: Sports Centre Alverberg

Organizer: ZVC-Dynamic Houthalen (Belgium)
Date of the tournament: 30 - 31 March 2002
Location: Lummen (Belgium) 70 km from Brussels
Hall: sports centre the Interfit
Contact person: Schorpion Dirk
e-mail address:
Teams: 16
participating countries 2001: Belgium, the Netherlands,
Germany,England,Wales, Czech Republic
Rules: FIFA Futsal Rules

Dynamic Houthalen and sports centre The Interfit welcome all teams, players, coaches and fans to the sports centre The Interfit in Lummen and to our second international indoor soccer tournament, that we organize during the Easter weekend on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31th of March 2002.

Sports centre The Interfit in Lummen is situated in the hearth of Limburg, our province. At the big motorway intersection E314 Brussels-Aachen and E313 Antwerp-Lieges.It is very centrally situated at only 6 km of Hasselt, the beautiful capital of our province and 70 km of Aachen (Germany) and at 75 km of Antwerp and our Belgian capital city Brussels.

The middle of Limburg is well known as a tourist area where you can have a lot of fun, next to playing football for instance. There is the beautiful town of Hasselt, which is well known as a shopping and gin town, but also as a lively town where you won't be bored at all at night. But if you want to settle down there is also the historic domain of Bokrijk or the Japanese garden. And finally there is also our village Houthalen, well known for its forests and parks! In any case, I wish everybody a nice and sportive stay in our province Limburg!

Rules of Dynamic Houthalen Euro Cup 2002

Dear indoor soccer friends,

Our international indoor soccer tournament will consist of 16 indoor football teams: 4 Belgian teams and 12 foreign teams. These 16 participating teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4 teams each, so that every league will contain 1 Belgian and 3 foreign teams. The participating countries in 2001 were: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Wales and Czech Republic. In 2002 we hope to welcome some more clubs from other countries all over the world!

Therefore you will play 3 matches of 20 minutes in your group.The groups will exist of 4 different nationalities, so only 4 teams from 1 country will be allowed! If all the matches are played in your group, a final score will be made up. The point system is 3 points for a victory match, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

The team with most points after 3 matches is the winner of the league. If 2 teams have an equal amount of points after 3 matches we will look at the goals scored. That team which scored most goals finishes higher than the other team with the same amount of points. Next we will look at the goal difference, 5-0 beats 5-2. If both teams are still equal, the contest between them is decisive. If this is a draw, both teams have to take penalties.

Then we arrive at the second day. The numbers 1 and 2 from each league ( 8 teams all together ) play another 3 matches for the Cup (quarter finals). The numbers 3 and 4 from each league ( 8 teams all together ) play another 3 matches for the Plate (quarter finals). That means that every team plays a total of 6 matches!

Winner Team: NOVENTA Y QUATRO Utrecht (NED)

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