Belgium (Men Over 35 Tournaments)
Silver World Futsal Cup 2010
Edition 5
City: Lommel (BEL)

Start Date:
End Date:

Anniversary Edition 7

City: Lommel (BEL)

5 indoor fields
Date: 22-26/11/2010
Place: Lommel – Belgium
Hall: De Soeverein (3 indoor fields) Lommel
Hall: De Bemvoort (2 indoor fields) Overpelt
& Centerparcs De Vossemeren

Marc Joos
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The SILVER FUTSAL WORLD CUP +35 is the satellite part of the SUPER FUTSAL WEEK that also hosts the CHEETAH WORLD CUP and the WORLD POLICE FUTSAL TOURNAMENT in one event.

Last edition (2009) the event hosted 1500 participants, 104 teams from 34 countries.

This 16th edition of the SUPER FUTSAL WEEK shall invite 40 teams in the WPFT tournament, 24 teams in the 35+ tournament and 16 teams in the Cheetah Women’s tournament.
Total: 80 teams and 1200 participants

Following countries played in the events:
Andorra, Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canarian Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ecuador, England, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, NATO,Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia , South Africa, Spain, St. Helena, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United States of America.

This International Futsal event will be hold in Lommel & Overpelt, small but very nice towns on the boarder of Belgium and Holland (only 20km from Eindhoven).
All participants and supporters are based in the biggest holiday resort in Europe: CenterParcs De Vossemeren. where we all stay in a 4* resort with a central tropical dome with supermarket, restaurants, bars, sport area, bowling, shops and tropical swimming paradise.
The tournament program starts on Monday November 22 with a big opening parade and show, then 3 days of sport and entertainment follows and ends on Friday morning November 26.
The event gives you to the opportunity to combine the sport with a lot of free time, so all teams will play half days and have half days free to enjoy the tropical swimming paradise and the rest of the park. We guarantee that every team play minimal 8 matches. 7 to qualify in the first 2 days, then another system starts.
We don’t play for price money.

Price: € 140.00 pro person

Including lodging, hotel service, rental bad towels, entrance tropical swimming paradise, registration in the tournament, badge, tournament t-shirt, diner on cup-night 26/11, opening ceremony etc.

For more info concerning the prices, extra days, transport from/to airports, download forms, rules for registration, pictures of 2009, and more, see our website

We hope to welcome you in our big family,

Sportive greetings

Marc Joos
Organiser SUPER FUTSAL WEEK 2010

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