Ukraine (Men Adult Tournaments)
White Acacia 2006
Edition 7
City: Odessa (UKR)

Start Date:
End Date:

White Acacia 2006
International Futsal Tournament

Odessa (Ukraine)

The association of mini-football (futsal) of the Odessa region carries out (spends) from June, 2 till June, 4, 2006 in Odessa the international tournament on mini-football SUPERCUBOK ODESSA REGION " WHITE AKACIA -2006".
To participation in tournament teams of the Odessa region, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Lithuania, and also other countries are invited.
Structure of a team - 16 football players, 2 trainers and 1 referee serving games by maximum(supreme) or 1 league.
Charges on sending of commands(teams) on tournament / a train there and back, accommodation, and a feed / - due to the sending organization. Rough cost of accommodation makes from 50 UAH (10 USD) up to 130UAH. (26 USD).
The payment for participation makes 250 US dollars (in UAH an equivalent).

Application payment is allocated as follows:
40 %-prize-winning fund / 1-st place of 40 %, 2-nd place-30 %,
3-d place of-20 %, 4-th place of-10 % from the sum of prize-winning fund/ 60 %- organizational charges (payment arbitration of games, rent of a sports hall).
The formula of carrying out of tournament will be determined depending on amount of participating commands(teams).

On the consent to participate in tournament we ask to inform by phones
38-0487-749-51-00/after 19.00/ . 38-050-700- 70-44 (round the clock) Of 15.05.2005 - round the clock 38-0482-725-00-60 / from 10.00 till president └MFOO-Kopjak Vladimir Ivanovich
fax 38-0482-722-48-73 (round the clock)
38-0482-39-64-59 (7.00-10.00, 20.00-24.00) 38-097-218-89-36
E-mail: to 15.05.2006 years.

The earnest entreaty: commands(teams) which will participate in tournament, beforehand to send a history of the command(team) (year of birth, where played, that won), an emblem (if exist) and a photo for the booklet, better on the Internet, and also structure.

Vice-president of Association of mini-football of the Odessa area

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