Ukraine (Men Adult Tournaments)
White Acacia 2004
Edition 5
City: Odessa (UKR)

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White Acacia 2004
International Futsal Tournament

Odessa (Ukraine)

The futsal association of the Odessa area is organizing from May, 28 till May, 30, 2004 in Odessa, the International Tournament of futsal, a kind of Super Cuo of the Odessa zone: WHITE ACACIA-2004.

To take part in the tournament there will be teams of the Odessa area (champions, prize-winners, and finalists of the Cup of the Odessa area), but also team from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and from other countries are invited.

The requested structure of a team is: 16 players, 2 coaches and 1 referee delegate.

The cost of participation is 180 US dollars.

The participants in the tournament will be awarded with a diploma, cups, medals, prizes to the best players referees of tournament.

The tournament formula will be determined depending on the number of teams involved.

Arrival of team at 17:00, 27/05/2004

For more information you can contact the organization at:

8-0482-64-97-14/After 19.00/, 8-0482-25-00-60 / from 10.00 up to 17.00/vice-president Vladimir Ivanovich, a fax 8-0482-22-08-24
8-0482-39-64-59 (7.00-10.00, 20.00-24.00) SEAGULL Sergey the responsible secretary
E-mail: up to 15.05.2004

Teams which will take part in the tournament are kindly asked to send history of the club (year of foundation, place, palmares), a club's logo where available and a picture of the team.

Winner Team: TAIMYR Dudinka (RUS)

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