Italy (Women Adult Tournaments)
Summer Futsal EuroCup 2004 - Women
Edition 1
City: Fano (Italy)

Start Date:
End Date:

Summer Futsal Euro Cup 2004

Polish dominion, Kupczyk won the title ! In the girls Rimini wins, in the youth categories titles to Palextra Fano U21 and Sangro Futsal U16.

FANO (PU) - The sipario is closed on the second edition of the Summer Futsal Euro Cup 2004, 41 teams have participated to the International Futsal Tournament organized by Cristiano Fortini and; 18 referees from Pesaro/Urbino section have directed the 124 matches of the Tournament, Fair-Play has reigned in a fantastic sport and vacation atmosphere.
The Polish dominion continue: after the winning of Elimar Invest S.A. last year, this time Kupczyk from Krakow won the title with and impressive and organized play, winning 9 matches with only 2 draws to gain the cup.
In the first match of the Finals, U.S. Acli Ascoli and C5 Manfredonia have closed 0:0, later Kupczyk and U.S. Acli Ascoli draw again 1:1 in an exciting match and finally Polish team triumph with 6:4 win against C5 Manfredonia.
Fourth classified is Futsal Macerata, author of an optimal torunament, fifth is Elimar Invest S.A. and sixth is the surprise Tenax Castelfidardo; a particular mention to Giovinazzo C5, Atletiko Trodika, Porto S.Giorgio, Hackers F.C., Nettuno C5 and Palextra Fano U21 eliminated in the third round.
The topscorer award has been won by Luigi Castriota of C5 Manfredonia, the Fair-Play Trophy by maltese friends of RBSM F.C.
In Women Category Final, team Virtus Torre Pedrera won 3:2 against excellent Nuova Morrovalle, third is Dolphins F.C., fourth is Freeland, fifth is Sangro Futsal and sixth Marsia.
Local team Palextra Fano has won in Under 21 Category by 2:0 against Fabriano Five Football 96, in Under 16 Category team Sangro Futsal triumphed.
Appointment now to next year, with the hope to reserve analogous sport, fairplay and friendship festival.

Cristiano Fortini

Results Women
A/B Marsia Sangro Futsal 0:4
A Virtus Torre Pedrera Freeland 7:0
B Dolphins F.C. Nuova Morrovalle 4:4
A/B Virtus Torre Pedrera Dolphins F.C. 3:0
A Nuova Morrovalle Sangro Futsal 5:1
B Freeland Marsia 3:0
A/B Freeland Nuova Morrovalle 0:3
A Virtus Torre Pedrera Marsia 6:4
B Dolphins F.C. Sangro Futsal 6:0
5/6 Marsia Sangro Futsal 2:5
3/4 Freeland Dolphins F.C. 1:5
1/2 Virtus Torre Pedrera Nuova Morrovalle 3:2


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