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2-6.1.2002 (Assemini - Cagliari (ITA)): International Futsal Tournament - EPIPHANY CUP (Mens and Womens) - http://eventsport.supereva.it - E-mail: soccertournaments@inwind.it

27-30.12.2001 (Assemini - Cagliari (I)): International Futsal Tournament - ASSEMINI CUP (Mens and Womens) - http://eventsport.supereva.it - E-mail: soccertournaments@inwind.it

23-24.11.2001 (Montreal (CDN)) FUTSAL TOURNAMENT for National Teams
(Probably Teams: Canada, Brazil, Italy, Portugal)

28.10-3.11.2001 (Vanuatu (AUS)) 1st Vanuatu Futsal Challenge
The Vanuatu Football Federation are conducting. their 1 st Futsal Challenge to be held in Port Vila, Vanuatu on the 28 th October to 3 rd November 2001.
Venue for the competition being where they played the OFC 2000 Futsal World Cup Qualifying matches. Futsal Clubs and representative teams from Australia have been invited to attend the Competition. For competition information the email is futsal@sportswell.com.au

October 2001 (Budapest (HUN)) - HUNGARY - ITALY   Two Friendly Match


(Yerevan (ARM)) Yerevan City Cup Open Tournament

September 2001 (Jesolo - Venice (I)) 3nd JESOLO CHRISTMAS CUP (16 Clubs - Awards: 10.000 $)

September 2001 (Canberra (AUS)) - AUSTRALIA National Schools Championship

(Yerevan (ARM)) International Tournament for 1700 Anniversary of
Christianity in Armenia

July 2001 (Cagliari e Nuoro (I)) International Women's Futsal Tournament


9-15.7.2001 (Assemini - Cagliari (ITA)): International Futsal Tournament - SARDINIA CUP (Mens and Womens) - http://eventsport.supereva.it - E-mail: soccertournaments@inwind.it

May/July 2001 (Rome (ITA) "2nd NIKE CALCETTO CHAMPIONS CUP" - for information: NIKE Italy - 051 6115 878; Mary Villa (mary.villa@nike.com); Cristiano Fagnani (cristiano.fagnani@nike.com). ISM Italia - 02 733 403; Marlene Lombardo (mlombardo@ismitalia.it); Andrea Lanzarotto (alanzarotto@ismitalia.it)

2-7.7.2001 (Sibenik - central Dalmatia (HRV)) - JADRAN FORD CUP 2001

30.6-1.7.2001 (Seixal (POR)) FUTSAL TOURNAMENT for National Teams
(Teams: Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Portugal U. 23)

23-30.6.2001 (Olzai/Nuoro (I)) International Women's Futsal Tournament - 6° TROFEO "BARBAGIA"

23-28.6.2001 or 7-12.7.2001 (Ischia (ITA)) International Women's Futsal Tournament

June 2001 (Poggibonsi/Toscana (ITA)) 5th TORNEO "CITTA' DI POGGIBONSI" - International Futsal Tournament (Mens and Womens)

23-24.6.2001 (Oliveira do Bairro (POR)) TAÇA DE PORTUGAL (Final Four) 

22-24.6.2001 (Madrid (ESP)): International Futsal Tournament "MADRID 2001" - for information on E.Mail: jmibiurrun@hotmail.com and telephone number 34.389.432.975 (José Manuel Igea).

14-21.6.2001 (Filip Jakov - Zadar (HR)) - "MARGARITA MARIS SUMMER CUP"

16-17.6.2001 (Amsterdam (HOL)) - "VAN NOORDT CHALLENGE CUP

2-3.6.2001 (Antwerpen, Area Antwerpen (BEL)) BAD MICHEL SINT NIKLAAS CUP - International Futsal Tournament

2-3.6.2001 (Lloret de Mar, Area Barcelona (ESP)) COPA PENYA BARCELONISTA - International Futsal Tournament

2-3.6.2001 (Pula/Medulin, Area Istria (HRV)) ARENA CUP - International Futsal Tournament

2-3.6.2001 (Athens (GRE)) - "ATHENS CUP 2001" - International Futsal Tournament


1.6. 2001 (Belgrade (YUG)) "OKTAN CUP" The big international tournament by U.E.F.A. ruels will be organized from 01.June 2001.  in Belgrade. All information you can get from Aleksandra Subotic on phone number: 381 11 344-2723, 381 11 4444-123 fax or E-mail: daniel@yubc.net

31.5-3.6.2001 (Chorzow (POL)): CLEAREX CUP - International Futsal Tournament (16 Teams/Clubs: Poland (National Futsal Team), Dina Moscow (RUS), Sao Paulo (BRA),............) - First place: 14.000 DM - for informations: tel/fax 0048 32 247 04 47, Zdzisław Wolny - www.clearex.com.pl - Artur Jankowski, artur@flash.com.pl

26-27.5.2001 (Prague (CZE)) KARLS CUP - International Futsal Tournament

26-27.5.2001 (Middelkerke, Area Ostend (BEL)) LONCKE INDOOR CHALLENGE - International Futsal Tournament

23-27.5.2001 (Genk (B)) International Indoor Football Tournament "FORD GENK CUP"

25.5.2001 (Genk (B)) 1th FUTSAL CLINIC EUROP
Herewith we like to inform you that the Belgian Football Association in collaboration whit FIFA and Zvk Ford Genk will organize a Futsal Clinic the 25th of May during the International Futsal Championship in Genk Belgium. The speakers are Lozano (head-coach Spain), Damien Knabben (Head Coach Belgium), Nico Sprey (Head Coach Netherlands), Victor Beceiro (FIFA), Michel Sablon (General Director Belgian Football Association), Paul Locicero (President Professiona futsal team Belgim - Charleroi) and Pierre Schiepers
(President Futsal Belgium - member futsal Uefa).

19-20.5.2001 (Wemmel (BEL)) INTER BRUSSELS EUROPEAN INDOOR CUP - International Futsal Tournament

28.4-11.5.2001 (Rimini (ITA)): International Futsal Tournament - 3° SPORTUR CUP PARMALAT 2001 (Mens open, Men U. 20 and Womens open) - For informations (Ufficio Stampa): Walter Guagneri (tel. 0339-8427392) and Alberto Sabatini (tel. 0335-5710444). BVC Sport (tel. 0544-974395)

May 2001 (COSTA RICA)) Futsal Championship COSTA RICA 2001 - Start!

2.5.2001 (Bologna (ITA)) - CESENA C/5 (Italian Club "Serie B") - ITALY -  Friendly Match

1.5.2001 (Ans (BEL)) BELGIUM FUTSAL CUP 2001 - Final: ZVC Berchem - Supergames Ranst

24-29.4.2001 (Castellon (ESP)) - 15th CHAMPIONS CLUBS TOURNAMENT (Clubs: Action 21 Charleroi (BEL), Dina Moscow (RUS), Genzano (ITA), Miramar Futsal Clube (POR), Playas de Castellon (ESP), TS Bakov n/J (CZE))

(Montreal (CAN) - Arena Maurice Richard, 19:00h - EL SALVADOR - CANADA   Friendly Match - presentation match

23-25.4.2001 (Aosta (ITA)) INTERNATIONAL FUTSAL TOURNAMENT for National Teams UNDER 21 - "AOSTA 2001" (Teams: Andorra, Italy, Croatia)

21-22.4.2001 (Avezzano (ITA)) ITALIAN FUTSAL CUP "SERIE A2" FINAL FOUR 2001

21-22.4.2001 (? (SVK)) SLOVAK FUTSAL CUP - FINAL FOUR 2001

The first Torneo Mercosur of Futsal will take place in Brazil and Uruguay from April 20-22. Organized by the Prefeitura Municipal de Santa Victoria do Palmar of Brazil and the Club Social & Deportivo Los Alpes of Uruguay, the competition will have eight futsal clubs from South America divided into two groups of four with top two of advancing to the semifinals. The semifinal losers will battle for the third- place trophy on April 22, while the semifinal winners will compete for the championship in the nightcap.

1st Torneo Mercosur
Group A (Gimnasio Cardial; Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Seleccion de Sta. Victoria do Palmar (Brazil), Independiente (Argentina), Exalumnos Colegio Nacional (Paraguay), Nacional (Uruguay)

Schedule (All Times are local)
Nacional vs. Exal. Colegio Nacional, 19:30
Sta. Victoria do Palmar vs. Independiente, 20:30
Independiente vs. Nacional, 14:00
Sta. Victoria do Palmar vs. Exal. Colegio Nacional, 15:00
Exal. Colegio Nacional vs. Independiente, 19:00
Sta. Victoria do Palmar vs. Nacional, 20:30

Group B (Gimnasio C.S. & Deportivo Los Alpes; Rocha, Uruguay)
Seleccion del Chuy (Uruguay), Deportivo Recoleta (Paraguay), Peńarol (Uruguay), Platense (Argentina)

Schedule (All Times are local)
Peńarol vs. Deportivo Recoleta, 22:00
Seleccion del Chuy vs. Platense, 23:30
Platense vs. Peńarol, 22:00
Seleccion del Chuy vs. Deportivo Recoleta, 23:30
Deportivo Recoleta vs. Platense, 10:00
Seleccion del Chuy vs. Peńarol, 11:30

Semifinals (Gimnasio C.S. & Deportivo Los Alpes)
Group A Winner vs. Group B Runner-up, 15:00
Group B Winner vs. Group A Runner-up, 18:00

Semifinal Losers, 20:00

Semifinal Winners, 21:30

19-21.4.2001 (Queensland (AUS)) - QUEENSLAND REGION TITLES: It's on again, Queensland region titles, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia (19-21 April). All age groups from 10yrs to Masters male and female. Opening ceremony is at Dreamworld and is exclusive to Futsal only. - www.qldfutsal.com.au/futsal/qstatesc/

17-22.4.2001 (Yerevan (ARM)) DEMIRCHYAN MEMORIAL - International Futsal Tournament (Probably Clubs from: Armenia, Greece, Italy, Canada, USA, Germany, England)

The NPSL announced on April 17th that Victor Nogueira of the Milwaukee Wave and Peter Pappas of the Philadelphia Kixx were named co-winners of the "2000-2001 Goalkeeper of the Year" award. A member of the U.S. Futsal National Team, Nogueria's naming marked the sixth straight and seventh overall time that he has been honored with
the citation.  Since 1992, Nogueira has 16 caps for the USA and two has earned all-tournament accolades in two FIFA World Championship Appearances (Hong Kong 1992, Spain 1996).

16.4.2001 (Rabat (MOR)) En prévision de la Coupe d'Afrique des Nations L'équipe nationale en stage du 27 au 31 mars Quatorze joueurs ont été convoqués pour un stage de l'équipe nationale de football en salle (mini-foot), du 27 au 31 mars au Centre sportif Belle-Vue ŕ Rabat. Ce stage s'inscrit dans le cadre de la préparation de l'équipe nationale ŕ la prochaine Coupe d'Afrique des Nations de football en salle.
Voici la liste des joueurs convoqués :

1. Jakar Saďd (Chaouia ) - 2. Hicham Barakat (Chaouia ) - 3. Abdellatif Hijou (Gharb ) - 4. Ali Hanafi (Gharb) - 5. El Azizi Berrada (Gharb) - 6. Hakim Bennis (Gharb) - 7. Saďd Eddoub (Gharb) - 8. Bouzad Saďd (Gharb) - 9. Abdelilah Benaim (Nord) - 10. Ismaďl Fahssi Khalid (Nord) - 11. Nasredine Nifa (Tadla) - 12. Farid Hanani (Eurosport Bocholt (Belgique)) -13. Smail Talbi (Eurosport Bocholt (Belgique) ) - 14. Abderrahmane Ahannach (ZVV Den-Haag Trimeur(Hollande) )


15.4.2001 (Paris (FRA)) FRENCH FUTSAL CUP 2001 (Final Tournament - 8 clubs)

14-15.4.2001 (Lummen (BEL)) DYNAMIC HOUTHALEN EURO CUP 2001 - International Futsal Tournament

11-15.04.2001 (Murcia (ESP)) - XII COPA de ESPAŃA (Clubs: Playas de Castellon, Valencia Vijusa, Antena 3 Boomerang, Forum Ourense, Caja Segovia, El Pozo Murcia, Mostoles FS, Foticos Zaragoza)

(La Coruna (ESP)) International Women's Futsal Tournament - TROFEO "EXCMA - DEPUTACION PROVINCIAL CORUNA"

11.4.2001 (La Coruna (ESP)) - Selection La Coruna (ESP) - Kerylos Sardegna (ITA)   Friendly Match Women's

9-10.4.2001 (Sarria, Lugo (ESP)) International Women's Futsal Tournament - TOURNAMENT "CONCELLO DE SARRIA"

12.4.2001 (Limassol - Apollon Stadium (CYP)) - CYPRUS - HUNGARY  0-14 -  Friendly Match
(Nicosia - Eleftheria Stadium (CYP)) - CYPRUS - HUNGARY  0-10 -  Friendly Match
The players of Cyprus: 1.  Agathokleous Agathoklis (Olympiakos), 2.  Kyriakou Kyriakos (Olympiakos), 3.  Ioannou Yiannos (Olympiakos), 4.  H'Loucas Loukas (Olympiakos), 5.  Pissis Andreas (Parnassos), 6.  Aggelidis Marios (Parnassos), 7.  Liperis George (Piacere), 8.  Heis Michael (Piacere), 9.  Demetriades Pambos (Grammar School), 10.  Poliviou Costas (Cyprus College), 11.  Petrou Pretos (Grammar School)  GK, 12.  Kiprianides Marios (Cyprus College) GK, 13.  Antoniou Kiriakos (K.N. Ay. Marinas) GK, 14.  Kahedrajian K. (AGBU Ararat) GK

8.4.2001 (La Coruna (ESP)) - F.S.F. Galizia (ESP) - Kerylos Sardegna (ITA)   Friendly Match Women's

7-8.4.2001 (Hradec Kralove (CZ)) International futsal tournament JOMA CUP (Leeckers Eagles, Santos Trencin, best team of Czech Republic). Transmission of Final match at Czech National TV !!
Nejzbach Vysoke Myto - Alfa Liberec  5:1
Leeckters Eagles - Banik Ostrava  1:5
3rd place
Alfa Liberec - Leeckters Eagles  4:3
Nejzbach Vysoke Myto - Banik Ostrava  3:0 (1:0)
Goals : 2 Rajnoch, 1 Dvorak
Best shooter: Daniel Rahnoch (Nejzbach)
Best goalkeeper: Radim Krizak (Banik Ostrava)

7.4.2001 (Bergamo (ITA)) BERGAMO C/5 winner the Italian Futsal Championship Serie A2 (group A): 21° round, Bergamo-Terni 7-5. For the team of president Marco Calegari is there 2nd promotion consecutive (in two yeas from Serie B to the Serie A1). compliments!!  web Bergamo C/5: http://www.asbergamoc5.it 

5-7.4.2001 (El Toboso, Miguel Esteban and Quintanar de la Orden (ESP)) International futsal tournament "Friendly Match" (Teams: Spain, Portugal, region de Castilla-La Mancha). 
5/4/01 (El Toboso, 20:30): SPAIN - REGION de CASTILLA-LA MANCHA
6/4/01 (Miguel Esteban, 20:30): PORTUGAL - REGION de CASTILLA-LA MANCHA
7/4/01 (
Quintanar de la Orden, 20:00): SPAIN - PORTUGAL

The National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) concluded its 2000-2001 campaign on April 1, with eight teams qualifying for the playoffs. The NPSL post-season begins April 6, with the best-of-three conference semifinal round series. The winners of each four series will advance to the best-of-three conference finals and the two surviving teams will battle for the 2000-2001 NPSL Championship in a best-of-five series.

2000-2001 NPSL Final Regular Season Standings
American Conference
Teams (GP, W-L,.Pct, PF:PA)
Harrisburg Heat (40, 24-16,.600, 556:552) ^
Buffalo Blizzard (40, 22-18,.550, 513:484) *
Baltimore Blast (40, 22-18,.550, 591:529) *
Philadelphia Kixx (40, 22-18,.550, 542:449) *
Cleveland Crunch (40, 18-22,.450, 542:617)

National Conference
Teams (GP, W-L,.Pct, PF:PA)
Milwaukee Wave (40, 24-16,.600, 544:452) ^
Toronto ThunderHawks (40, 21-19,.525, 574:556) *
Wichita Wings (39, 18-21,.462, 516:533) *
Kansas City Attack (40, 14-26,.350, 526:637) *
Detroit Rockers (40, 13-27,.325, 469:579)

^Clinched Regular Season Conference Title/Playoff Berth
*Clinched Playoff Berth

NPSL Playoff Schedule - All Times are local
Best-of-Three Semifinal Round

Harrisburg Heat vs. Philadelphia Kixx
Kixx @ Heat on April 8, 6:05 p.m.
Heat @ Kixx on TBD
Kixx @ Heat on April 14, 7:35 p.m.(if necessary)

Buffalo Blizzard vs. Baltimore Blast
Blast @ Blizzard on April 7, 7:35 p.m.
Blizzard @ Blast on April 13, 7:35 p.m.
Blast @ Blizzard on TBD(if necessary)

Milwaukee Wave vs. Kansas City Attack
Attack @ Wave on April 8, 7:05 p.m.
Wave @ Attack on April 11, 7:05 p.m.
Attack @ Wave on April 14, 1:05 p.m.(if necessary)

Toronto ThunderHawks vs. Wichita Wings
Wings @ ThunderHawks on April 6, 7:35 p.m.
ThunderHawks @ Wings on April 7, 7:35 p.m.
Wings @ ThunderHawks on April 13, 4:05 p.m.(if necessary)

The Dallas Sidekicks of the World Indoor Soccer League (WISL) announced on March 20, it will play their 2001 home-opener at the new American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, as they host the legendary San Diego Sockers on August 19. This game kicks off the Sidekicks 17th season in Dallas and third as a member of the WISL. The Sidekicks will play the rest of the 2001 home schedule in Reunion Arena . For ticket information, check their website at www.dallassidekicks.com.

3.4.2001 (Bologna (ITA)) - CESENA C/5 (Italian Club "Serie B") - ITALY U. 21  3-4  -  Friendly Match

- Canada-Quebec 1st division League 2001 : Inter Montreal is champion ,  2nd place America Montreal ,3rd place Andreas FC , 4th place FC Tucanos .
Best scorer: Mario De Smet ( Inter )
Best player: Everton Jackson ( Andreas FC )
Best goalkeeper: Pierre Breza ( Inter )
- Quebec League Cup :  Final ;   Inter x America
7-4  ( April 3 , 2001 )
Inter Montreal is the winner of the championship and League Cup

- Provincial Team Quebec selection will play a friendly game against a selection of the Ottawa Futsal League on April 6,in Ontario.

2.4.2001 (Czech Republic) Michal Striz is new coach of Nejzbach Vysoke Myto !! (continue with National team)

1.4.2001 (San Jose (CRC)) TORNEO DE COPA REACHES SEMIFINAL STAGE IN COSTA RICA: The Torneo de Copa of the Costa Rican Futsal First Division reached its semifinal stage completing the first-leg matches in San José on April 1. Goicoechea defeated La Aurora in the first semifinal match, 10-7, while UNED- San José earned a hard fought 6-5 decision over Zetillal in the second.

1.4.2001 (Lisboa (POR)) Universidade Internacional, Portela de Sacavém. I JORNADAS DE FUTSAL with: Javier Lozano (spanish national coach), Alberto Silveira (UEFA futsal commitee), Joao Rocha, Orlando Duarte (portuguese national coach), Josč Pereira, Antonio Cardoso (UEFA referee), Alipio Matos. For informations: INFORDESPORTO - http://www.infordesporto.pt/futsal/ 

At the UEFA Executive Committee meetings held in Nyon, Switzerland on March 30, Futsal Committee President Petr Fousek announced that a European club competition is scheduled to start next season (2001-2002). According to Fousek, details of this new competition will be worked out in the near future and announced to all 51 UEFA member associations.

March 2001 (Massachusetts (U.S.A.)) Tournament in Massachusetts - "Play Indoor Soccer by playing Futsal with Insoccer-Futsal" - www.insoccer.org

U.S. Futsal National Team Head Coach Keith Tozer is only five wins short of becoming the all-time winningest coach in U.S. indoor soccer history.
Tozer, who is also the head coach of the Milwaukee Wave of the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL), is currently ranked third in the all-time coaching victories list with 461 (includes regular season and playoffs). With two games remaining in the 2000-2001 NPSL campaign, the Wave have clinched a spot in the playoffs after capturing the National Conference regular season title with an overall ledger of 22-16.  Heading into the playoffs, Tozer will have the opportunity to surpass Ron Newman (464) and then Kenny Cooper (465), who are ranked second and first, respectively, on the all-time list.
U.S. Indoor All-Time Coaching Victories 

     Coach          W-L,    Seasons
1. Kenny Cooper (465-370,  1979-1997)
2. Ron Newman  (464-264,  1980-1995)
3. Keith Tozer    (461-321, 1984-Present)

The Cuban National Commission of Fútbol Sala (Futsal) named Juan Carlos Portal Aldama the island's "2000 Player of the Year" on March 25. The President of the Cuban National Commission Fútbol Sala, Víctor Aragón, presented the award to Portal just prior to Cuban National Soccer Championships.  Portal, who plays for the soccer team Ciudad La Habana, captained the Cuban Futsal squad to a silver medal at the 2000 Football Confederation (CONCACAF) Championship in Costa Rica.  The silver medal earned Cuba its second consecutive trip to the FIFA World Championship in Guatemala.

Petr Vladyka (National futsal team of CR) is new player of Slavia Prague club (outdoor football - 1.laegue)
Martin Abraham (National futsal team of CR) is new player of Synot Stare Mesto club (outdoor football - 1.laegue)
Transfers :
Jan Horacek (ex-captain of National team) - from Viktoria Zizkov to Bohemians Praha
Petr Svoboda ( 6 season in 1st league - 130 goals) - from Bohemians Praha to Viktoria Zizkov
Czech Futsal Awards :
Best Player of Millenium :
1. Tomas Neumann (Viktoria Zizkov - today coach of team)
2. Martin Rozhon (IFTC Ostrava)
3. Ota Stejskal (Nejzbach Vysoke Myto, ex-PB Hradec Kralove)
4. Michal Striz (PB Hradec Kralove)
5. Vlastimil Bartosek (Banik Ostrava - today assitant of coach of team)
6. Zbynek Mares (Viktoria Zizkov)
7. Jan Horacek (Viktoria Zizkov, today player and coach of Bohemians Praha)
8. Martin Dlouhy (Viktoria Zizkov)
9. Roman Mares (Pramen Havlickuv Brod)
10. Vladimir Janosko (IFTC Ostrava ex-coach of National Team)
Player of Year 2000
1. Roman Mares
2. Michal Mares
3. Martin Dlouhy

26-27.3.2001 (Augusta (ITA)) ITALIAN FUTSAL CUP "SERIE A1" FINAL FOUR 2001

23-25.3.2001 (Las Vegas (USA)) - USA Futsal Championship: U.S. Futsal Federation hosted their 16th annual National Championships from March 23-25, in Las Vegas, Nev., and after 48 club teams battled for three days only seven squads were crowned 2001 champions in their respective age categories.
The tournament concluded with MACSA F.C. defeating the 2000 Men's Open Cup Champions World United F.C. in the finals, 5-4.  It was the first time in 15 years that a club composed of American born players has won the Men's Open Cup Title.  "We are very happy with the teams that have been playing in this tournament, as this enables them to compete at the highest level of competition and be victorious." said Alexander Para, President/CEO of U.S. Futsal.
For more information check the U.S. Futsal website at www.futsal.com.

Age Category: Champion
Under-12 Boys: MACSA F.C.
U-12 Girls: San Diego Select F.C.
U-14 Girls: Hericanes
U-16 Boys: Rohnert Park Express
U-19 Men: Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club
U-19 Women: Jammers Real
Men's Open: MACSA F.C.

March 2001 (Kitchener & Bechtel Park, Waterloo (Canada)): ONTARIO FUTSAL OVERALL CLUB CHAMPION FOR 2001

Points for this competition are collected the following way:
3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie during round robin play,
bonus points for champion (6 points) and finalist (3 points):
1. St. Thomas              58 points
2. Waterloo                41 points
3. Corunna                   39 points
4. Owen Sound            31 points
5. North London          30 points
6. Sarnia                      22 points
More than 20 clubs participated during the two weekend
Ontario Futsal Club Championships in Kitchener-Waterloo.

24.3.2001 (? (LTU)) LITHUANIAN FUTSAL CUP 2001 (Final Four - 4 clubs)

23.3.2001 (BRAZIL)) START "LIGA FUTSAL 2001" -group A: Vasco da Gama (RJ),
ACBF/Carlos Barbosa (RS), Sport/ Osasco (SP), Poker / Foz Futsal (PR), Pax de Minas/
Minas (MG), Wimpro/GM/Guaru (SP) e Malwee/Santa Catarina (SC); group B:
Ulbra/Chevrolet (RS), Flamengo (RJ), Corinthians/Barueri (SP), Banespa (SP),
UCS/Multisul (RS), Rio Verde/Fesurv (GO) e UNEB/Dal Ponte (DF).

22.3.2001 (Athens (GRE)) The coach of the Greek futsal national team Evangellos Palantzas passed away this morning at the age of 62. The Greek futsal family lost a great person above all and of course a big futsal teacher

22.3.2001 (Sao Paulo (BRA)) A Confederaçăo Brasileira de Futebol de Salăo, a
Universe Sports e a  Octagon/Koch Tavares -
tęm o prazer de convidar este veículo de
para o Almoço de Lançamento da VI Liga Futsal, a ser realizado dia 22 de
março, quinta-feira, ŕs 12:30, no Hotel Inter-Continental,
ŕ Alameda Santos, 1123, Săo

21.3.2001 (Marseille (FRA)) International Futsal Tournament in MARSEILLE (Football Clubs!!): (Clubs: Olympique de Marseille (FRA), Benfica (POR), AC Milan (ITA), Fulham (ENG))

Alfaro Ruiz, Alajuela and Pérez Zeledón all qualified for to the Costa Rican Women's National Fútbol Sala (Futsal) Championship (held at a later date) after finishing in the top three positions of the five-team round-robin group playoffs over the weekend in San Jose.  Alfaro Ruiz earned the top spot in group play with an overall ledger of 3-0-1 (10 Points), while outscoring its opponents 18-9.  Alajuela finished second with nine points (3-1), while Pérez Zeledón (2-1-1, 7 Points) captured the final spot after defeating Talamanca (1-3, 3 Points), 6-2, in the final day competition.
Final Standings/Results:
Teams                     (GP, W-L-T, GF:GA, Pts)
Alfaro Ruiz             (4,    3-0-1,  18:  9,  10) *
Alajuela                  (4,    3-1-0,  21: 10,   9) *
Pérez Zeledón        (4,    2-1-1,  18: 10,   7) *
Talamanca               (4,    1-3-0,  11: 21,   3)
Tilarán                     (4,    0-4-0, 7:  25,   0)

* Advance to National Championship

February/March 2001 (BRAZIL)) 27° TAÇA BRASIL - For informations: http://www.futsalbrasil.com.br 

March 2001 (Moscow (RUS)) Transfer: Serhiy KORIDZE (captain Ukraine National Futsal Team) from InterKraZ Kyiv (Ukraine) at Dina Moscow (Russian Futsal Premiere League). Manoel TOBIAS (Brazilian National Futsal Team) from Vasco da Gama (BRA) at Ulbra/RS (BRA).

17-18.3.2001 (S. Martino di Lupari/PD (ITA)) ITALIAN FUTSAL CUP "SERIE B" FINAL FOUR 2001

13-18.3.2001 (Lima (PER)) TOURNAMENT INTERCLUBES PERUVIAN 2001 - Final Classific: 1° Boca Juniors (ARG), 2° Sporting Cristal (PER).

17-18.3.2001 (Kitchener & Bechtel Park, Waterloo (Canada)) - ONTARIO FUTSAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2001 for Men: the men's division will take place on March 17-18 at Conestoga College with 12 teams competing. - http://www.ontariofutsal.on.ca/tourn.html

Quarter Finals: 
London Huracan - London Halcones 
3-2 (OT)
Strathroy Portuguese - Flesherton  6-4
St. Thomas A - Strathroy Super Sonics  6-1
Mississauga C.S. - London Colombia  8-4
Semi Finals:
Strathroy Portuguese - London Huracan  7-1
St. Thomas A - Mississauga Centro Sur  8-4
Strathroy Portuguese - St. Thomas A  4-2

17-18.3.2001 (Washington (USA)) - "STOP the VIOLENCE" Futsal Tournament
The Sixth Annual "Stop the Violence" Indoor Soccer Tournament will take place at the Bender Arena at American University in Washington, D.C. from March 17-18.  More than 50 squads representing 11 countries, will compete in the two-day competition that features teams at the men's, women's and youth levels.  The Washington DC Area Police Soccer Club, a coalition of the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Mint, U.S. Treasury, Metropolitan Police DC and the Montgomery County Police Dept. are hosting the event with all benefits going to DC SCORES.  "DC SCORES is an after school soccer and writing program, working with 21 elementary school students in some of Washington's most neglected neighborhoods," said Natalie Gordon, Executive Director of the program.  "By bringing together the local teaching, writing and soccer communities, DC SCORES is having a positive impact on hundreds of children in our nation's capital."  For more information check the website at

16.3.2001 (Melilla (ESP)) LOZANO IN MELILLA: En viernes próximo, 16/03/2001, visitará Melilla por 1Ş vez, el Seleccionador Espańol Campeón del Mundo y Campeón Europeo, el toledano Javier Lozano, estará inaugurando la 1Ş Escuela de Fútbol Sala de club Melilla F.S., además de una programación en las fechas de 16 y 17 de marzo. En el Palacio de Congresos, hablara el tema " La iniciación en el Fútbol Sala " para 350 académicos de la facultad de Educación Física, extensión de la Universidad de Granada. También asistirá el derby  por la categoría de división de plata grupo A: Melilla F.S.  X  Playas de Málaga.


VIERNES 16-03-01
14'45 h        Llegada a Melilla
17'30 h        Visita a la F.M.F
18'30 h        Rueda de prensa con los medios de comunicación en el salón de la Asamblea de la F.M.F
20'00 h        Conferencia-Coloquio: Palacio de Congresos
SÁBADO 17-03-01
10'30 h        Clinic a desarollar con jugadores Benjamines y Alevines de los distintos equipos en el Pabellón Ciudad de Melilla
12'00 h        Visita al encuentro C.D. DRÁCENA - Pabellón Lázaro Fernández
14'30 h        Almuerzo de trabajo con los clubes de categoría Nacional de Fútbol Sala, Federación y Comité de Entrenadores de Fútbol Sala
18'00 h        Visita al encuentro Melilla F.S. - Pabellón Ciudad de Melilla
DOMINGO 18-03-01
11'00 h        Regreso a Madrid

14.3.2001 (Szeged (HUN)) - HUNGARY - YUGOSLAVIA  3-1 (2-0)  -  Friendly Match
YUG: Radkolni - Bojanovic, Rajic, Tadic, Cetkovic Substitutes: D. Trojanovic, Vukminovics, Misevic, 
Deme, Randelovic, Puric, S. Trojanovic Coach: Goran Szavicevic
HUN: Zay - Zsámár, Baranyai, Madarász, Simon Substitutes: Haffner, Szente, Nagy G., Nagy Zs., 
Szalay, Vígh, Tóth M. Coach: András Szabó
Goalscorers: Madarász 2.', Zsámár 8.', Baranyai 36.' for HUN and Deme 35.' for YUG
Spectators: 1000
Referees: Szabó G., Takács Zs.

(Banja Kaniza (YUG)) - YUGOSLAVIA - HUNGARY  4-2 (2-2)  -  Friendly Match
YUG: Randelovic - Bojanovic, Rajic, Tadic, Cetkovic Substitutes: D. Trojanovic, Vukminovics, 
Misevic, Deme, Radkolni, Puric, S. Trojanovic Coach: Goran Szavicevic
HUN: Zay - Zsámár, Baranyai, Madarász, Simon Substitutes: Haffner, Szente, Nagy G., Nagy Zs., 
Szalay, Vígh, Tóth M. Coach: András Szabó
Goalscorers: Cetkovics 2 - 20.' and 30.', Rajic2 - 20.' and 40.' for YUG and Szente 7.', Simon 20.' for HUN
Spectators: 1000

activ ! IL CORRIERE DEL CALCIO A 5 (Italy)

(Lithuania) INKARAS KAUNAS Winner Lithuania Futsal Premiere League 2000/2001 - Best Player and Best Scorers: A.Slekys (Inkaras) - 33 goals.

10-11.3.2001 (Kitchener & Bechtel Park, Waterloo (Canada)) - ONTARIO FUTSAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2001 for Boys, Girls and Women: 47 teams competing in 10 age divisions (boys, girls and women) will participate in the 11st annual event at Conestoga College in Kitchener and Bechtel Park in Waterloo on March 10 & 11. - http://www.ontariofutsal.on.ca/tourn.html 

RESULTS - Final:
U11 Boys: St. Thomas Kickers - St. Thomas Strikers 7-4
U11 Girls: North London - Waterloo 6-3
U13 Boys: North London - St. Thomas 9-1
U13 Girls: Waterloo (U13) - Waterloo (U12) 5-3
U14 Boys: Weston Huracan - York Jets 8-3
U15 Girls: Corunna - Ottawa-Kanata 4-2
U16 Boys: Academia Argentina - Mississauga Centro Sur 3-2
U17 Girls: Corunna - Newmarket 5-3
U18 Boys: Sarnia - Owen Sound 8-2
Women: Owen Sound - St. Thomas 17-3

09.3.2001 (London, (ENG)) LFP SPORT INDOOR SOCCER SCORES A GOAL - The takeover of Soccer Magic 2 means the season carries on for players:
The good news for London and area indoor soccer players is that their season will continue.
Their facility will be known as Soccerworld London rather than Soccer Magic 2, but otherwise it will be business as usual for the 2,200 to 2,500 players who began their season in November under the bubble -- not on it -- in London's east end. John McGrane of Ancaster announced yesterday that Soccerworld is taking over the operation of Soccer Magic's facilities in London and Kingston. McGrane is the chief executive officer of Soccerworld Systems, a Hamilton-based firm involved in building indoor sports facilities. His company built Canada's first indoor soccer facility in Hamilton in 1985 and operated it until two years ago when it was sold.
McGrane, whose plans over the long haul include upgrading and enlarging the playing surface at Soccerworld and adding a driving range similar to the one already operating at Soccerworld Kingston, said he'll continue working with London's soccer field task force, a group headed by local soccer official Ed Lauterbach that is being given credit for keeping Soccer Magic 2 going during its darkest financial days.
The task force has been running the place in recent weeks, buoyed by the commitment of up to $30,000 from the city.
McGrane, a former Canadian national team player, declined to say how much his group paid for the facility, except to say "we took it lock, stock and barrel and it was substantial."
Soccer Magic opened in London in 1998 and has an estimated worth of between $1 million and $1.5 million.
Ralph deBlois, general manager of Soccer Magic 2, will continue in the role for Soccerworld.
DeBlois remembers the phone call he received on Jan. 5 at 6:30 p.m., saying the bubble had 72 hours to live on its current site unless something was done financially.
Those were the darkest days, he said. "The soccer community took it well (considering their season was in jeopardy). They were nervous but they took it well. "My greatest relief now is that everyone who paid for a league will get it."
In the short term, McGrane said that once the indoor season is complete, the bleachers, boards, protective netting and lights will be removed and the bubble will come down.
How well the field drains will determine usage over the spring, summer and early fall -- the outdoor season.
In September, McGrane said boards underlying the surface will be removed and the sand and rubber surface, which looks like grass, will be brushed and beefed up "to have the grass stand up and have the surface feel more soil-like."
He added that the field will be enlarged to about 45,000 square feet, about three-quarters of a full-size soccer field.
"It would give us the means to develop outdoor players indoors," he said.
Eventually, McGrane said the plan is to take down the bubble every summer and bring in coaches and programs, "something dynamic for the players in London."

The Cleveland Crunch of the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) has released Head Coach Bruce Miller on Mar. 6, and named assistant George Fernandez as Interim Coach for the rest of the 2000-2001 season.  Fernandez has coached the Buffalo Blizzard, Cincinnati Silverbacks of the NPSL and the Anaheim Splash of the former Continental Indoor Soccer League prior to coming to Cleveland last year. Fernandez was also a member of the U.S. Futsal National Team from 1992-1996.  During his tenure with the U.S. squad he scored five goals and played in two FIFA World Championships (Hong Kong 1992, Spain 1996).  Fernandez is currently ranked fourth in the USA all-time appearance list with 19. The Crunch, which captured the 1998-99 NPSL Title, is currently in last place in the American Conference with a 15-17 overall ledger in 2000-2001.

02.03.2001 (Kuala Lampur (MYS)) AFC to strongly push 'futsal' in region
The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) said on Friday it is embarking on an aggressive campaign to promote futsal, a scaled-down version of football, in the region where it is fast becoming popular. AFC general secretary Peter Velappan said the football body has formed a special futsal committee to oversee the promotion and development of the game throughout Asia. He said all Asian football national associations have been urged to launch a futsal league and tournaments, while the AFC would provide support to train coaches and officials for the game. Futsal is similar to football, but played with only five players on one team and on a smaller pitch measuring 25 metres by 38 metres. The game can be played indoors as well as outdoors, making it popular in all weather. Velappan said Asians, with their smaller built and agility, were well-suited to play futsal. "We have the ability to do very well and must take advantage of this fact," he said in a statement.
Velappan urged Asian schools to emulate Thailand, where the game has been introduced for students. So far, 27 of the AFC's 45 national members have appointed special futsal officers to promote the game in their countries, with the rest expected to do so by the year's end. The Kuala Lumpur-based AFC currently stages the Asian Futsal Championship to keep interest in the game going, with the third tournament to be held in July in Iran.
The AFC's efforts are also complementing that of the world's football body, FIFA, which organizes the World Futsal Championship. The statement said the AFC hopes to have futsal included as an event in the Olympics, and the chairman of the AFC's Futsal committee, Worawi Makudi, would raise the matter at the next FIFA Futsal committee meeting in May.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will embark on promotional campaigns to develop futsal around the continent in 2001. The AFC Futsal Committee met on Feb. 28, in Kuala Lumpur and the following promotional campaigns will take place in 2001:
1) AFC will organize a course for Futsal officers that will be conducted by a FIFA Instructor.
2) AFC will also organize five futsal development courses to be held in Malaysia (June 6-9), Chinese Taipei (June 12-15), Kuwait (August 13-16), Maldives
(August 7-10) and Uzbekistan (October 8-11).
3) Third Annual AFC Futsal Championship will be held in Iran from July 14-20.
"The AFC Futsal Committee is encouraging each of its associations to launch its own futsal league and tournaments while we provide support through the development of quality coaches and officials who can accelerate the growth of the game at the
grassroots," said AFC General Secretary Dato' Peter Velappan. "We will also be focusing on the development of coaches as we have identified the
need for technically and tactically sound coaches as holding the key to better performances of Asian teams on the world stage.


25.2.2001 (Tramandai - RS (BRA)) - BRAZIL- ARGENTINA  6-2 (3-1)  -  Friendly Match
Brazil: Lavosier, Vinicius, Schumacher, Fininho, M. Tobias, Lenisio, Cico, Tatu, Jocimar, Betao, Anderson, Saad, Rogerio. CT: Vander Iacovino. 
Guisande, Segura, Pacheco, Wilhelm, Magarelli, Artimowicz, Cabral, Di Maio, Casais, Gimenez, Ravagchini, Mandayo. CT: Fernando Larranaga.
Goalscorers: Lenisio (B), Wilhelm (A), Cico (B), Fininho (B); Lenisio (B), Magarelli (A), Lenisio (B), M. Tobias (B).
Referees: Joao Antonio Silva (Brazil), Sergio Ghibaudi (Argentina)


(Padova (ITA)) International Futsal Tournament of Padova (ITA)

18.2.2001 (Tokyo (JPN)) JAPAN NATIONAL FUTSAL FINAL: Cascavel - Firefox  4-2
Japan crowned a new futsal champion today: Cascavel Banff. It took four goals in 40 minutes for the Tokyo team to beat fellow Tokyo rival Firefox to achieve this title for the first time. Firefox had won the last two years consecutively, and Cascavel was in the finals for the first time ever. (In this sixth edition of the tounament, a new sponsor has made for a new name: the Nippon Ham Futsal Nationals.). This was a very exciting match filled with great skills, guile and event. About half of the Japanese national team that finished in fourth place at the AFC championship was on the pitch today -- and the most talented players at that. Cascavel's best player today, Maeda, will soon be departing for Brazil with teammate Kai to play with Cascavel / Dal Ponte in Brazil. This is not really a transfer as much as an opportunity for the Japanese players to train with a Brazilian team of near national quality. I would imagine that Maeda and Kai will both be back in Japan this year. Today's match was an indication of how far the game has
come in Japan. The players are very fast on the ball and have an automated sense of attack. The ingredients missing in the puzzle at this point are (1) physical conditioning, (2) coaches with experience, (3) money (to attract the better players in greater numbers; Cascavel had maybe four functional players they had to juggle for 40 minutes), and (4) defensive skills and defensive organization. At the national team level, I would recommend that some of the stronger outdoor players (recently retired ones, that is; the J League schedule would not permit the time otherwise) be used to make up for the lack of physical presence in defense and at the top. There is especially a strong need for players who can more than 50% of the time shoot hard between the posts.

February 2001 (Norilsk (RUS)) Transfer: CHOCO and EDINHO (Brazi) to Norilsky Nikel (Russian Futsal Premiere League)!!

The San Diego Sockers Developmental Team dropped a 7-5 decision to Csepel Futbol Club of Hungary in the second match of the two-game series on Feb. 21. The Sockers, who will compete in the World Indoor Soccer League in 2001, won the first match, 6-3, on Feb. 15, as forward Brian Wood and midfielder Carlos Farias led the Sockers with two goals each in the victory.  Both games were played at the Folsoms Indoor Facility in San Diego, Calif. and Csepel, which is the oldest outdoor club in Hungary's history (inception 1912), concluded its two-week tour of southern California.

15.2.2001 (Kecskemet (HUN)) - HUNGARY - FRANCE  10-2 (4-0)  -  Friendly Match
Hungary: Zay - Tóth M., Zsámár, Simon, Madarász Substitutes: Szalontai(goalkeeper), Nagy G., Szente, Baranyai, Jávor, Nagy Zs., Szalay
France: Sabani - Mafrici, Da Cruz, Basson, Yamia B. Substitutes: Yunai (goalkeeper), Dan, Chelle, Tayachi, Yamia A., Aggoni, Duponssel
Goalscorers: Jávor (4), Nagy Zs., Baranyai, Madarász, Nagy G., Szalay, Zsámár for Hungary.
Duponssel, Basson for France
Referees: László BERTA, Ákos FORGÁCS
14.2.2001 (Kecskemet (HUN)) - HUNGARY - FRANCE  14-3 (2-1)  -  Friendly Match
Hungary: Zay - Tóth M., Zsámár, Simon, Madarász Substitutes: Haffner (goalkeeper), Nagy G., Szente, Kénoszt, Jávor, Nagy Zs., Szalay
France: Sabani - Mafrici, Da Cruz, Basson, Yamia Amerouche Substitutes: Yuma (goalkeeper), Dan, Chelle, Tayachi, Yamia Abdenares, Aggouni, Duponasel
Goalscorers: Simon (3), Madarász (3), Nagy Zs. (3), Kénoszt (2 - the second was his 50th goal in the national team), Tóth M., Jávor, Zsámár for Hungary. Tayachi, Mafrici, self-goal for France
Referees: Károly TÖRÖK, Zoltán GYENGE (Róbert RADVÁNSZKY)

16.2.2001 (Rome (ITA)) - FAS PESCARA (Italian Club "Serie A1") - ITALY  1-5  -  Friendly Match
14.2.2001 (Rome (ITA)) - SEK LIDO ROMA (Italian Club "Serie A2-B") - ITALY  1-5 (0-3)  -  Friendly Match
(Rome (ITA)) - CLT TERNI (Italian Club "Serie A2-A") - ITALY  1-4 (1-1)  -  Friendly Match

14.2.2001 (Buzet (HRV)) - CROATIA - SLOVENIA  2-1 (1-0)  -  Friendly Match
Goal Scored: Gricaer (HRV), Dermaspja (SVN), Grdovic (HRV).
(Umag (HRV)) - CROATIA - SLOVENIA  3-4 (0-2)  -  Friendly Match

U.S. Futsal National Team Head Coach Keith Tozer will be an assistant at the 2001 National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) All-Star Game that will take place on Feb. 14, at HSBC Arena in Buffalo, N.Y. Tozer, who is currently in his ninth season at helm with the Milwaukee Wave of the NPSL, replaces Wichita Wings headman Kevin Kewley in the coaching staff for the National Conference Team that will face the American Conference. The NPSL All-Star Game will also feature 11 members of the U.S. Futsal Team Player Pool.
The National Conference will have goalkeeper Victor Nogueira (Milwaukee Wave), defenders Sean Bowers (Detroit Rockers), Glenn Carbonara (Milwaukee Wave), Jason Dunn (Wichita Wings), David Moxom (Milwaukee Wave), Wes Wade (Kansas City Attack) and forward Braeden Cloutier (Wichita Wings). Goalkeeper Scott Hileman (Baltimore Blast), defenders Andy Schmetzer (Cleveland Crunch), Scott Schweitzer (Cleveland Crunch) and forward Danny Kelly (Baltimore Blast) will be part of the American Conference. For more information on the 2001 All-Star Game check the
NPSL website at www.npsl.com.

12.2.2001 (Alcobendas (ESP) - 19:30, Salon de Actos del Polideportivo municipal de Alcobendas) BOOK PRESENTATION "FUTBOLSALA" Pasado, presente y futuro. by next authors: Alejandro Alcazar, Juan Manuel Gozalo, Mari Carmen Abella, Alfredo Arestigui, Felix Aranda, Miguel Moraga, Evangelos Palanzas, Josč Manuel Igea, Javier Sampedro y Florian Montero.

11.2.2001 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) KASKADA GRACANICA Winner Bosnia and Herzegovina Futsal Premiere League 2000/2001


Scott Placek, commissioner of the Professional Futsal League, announced today that the league has received official sanctioning as a professional league from the United States Futsal Federation, the governing body for the sport in the United States.
Futsal is a five-a-side version of soccer played indoors on a basketball-sized court.  While not as well known in America as the indoor soccer played in a hockey style rink, Futsal has experienced tremendous growth in participation in this country, and is the only indoor version of soccer with a sanctioned world championship.  The sport is played internationally, with recognized continental and club championships.  A strong movement is afoot, supported by FIFA, to include Futsal in the 2008 Olympic games.
The PFL will begin play in December 2001 with an eight-team division based in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.  The league office will be located in Austin, Texas.  The league is currently in the process of fielding inquiries from parties interested in operating a team in the league, as well as from players interested in joining the new league.  League plans call for expansion of divisional play to the West Coast and southeastern United States as part of a five-year plan to develop a national league.
To assist franchise stability, the league will operate under a strict salary cap and limit regular season play to divisional games to maintain reasonable travel expenses.  Each team will also be required to operate or affiliate with a local futsal league to increase youth players= exposure to and participation in the game.
Commenting on the league=s sanctioning, Placek said, AWe are pleased with the decision of the USFF to sanction the league.  I believe our key to success was showing the league a sound business plan and an operations team with a track record for launching successful soccer ventures.@  Placek sees the league=s founding as a boon to futsal in the U.S. AObviously, having visibility on the professional level is a key part to gaining acceptance as a major sport.  In addition, the Federation has committed to using the PFL as a resource to develop its national team players and coaches.  We believe putting players into a pro futsal environment, as they are in Europe and South America, can only increase U.S. competitiveness in world competitions."
The Professional Futsal League's website can be accessed at http://www.profutsal.com 

4.2.2001 (Dubrovnik (HRV)) - CROATIA - BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA 5-1  - Friendly Match

3-4.2.2001 (Nitra (SK)) DYNAMIK CUP 2001 - International Futsal Tournament

30.1-3.2.2001 (RS (BRA)) COPA TRAMANDAI' - Final: ULBRA - ACBF/Carlos Barbosa 6-4. Final Classific:  1) ULBRA (Canoas-RS), 2) ACBF (Carlos Barbosa-RS), 3) UPF (Passo Fundo-RS), 4) Santos / Osan (Santos-SP)

February 2001 (SOUTH AFRICA) Start National State Championship SOUTH AFRICA

Sweden's National Soccer Team were shutout in two international friendly matches played indoors on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, against the Faroe Islands and Finland respectively.  A young Swedish squad, that included six players earning their first cap, played the Faroe Islands to a scoreless draw at the Tipshallen Vaxijo Arena in Vaxijo, Sweden on Jan. 31.  In the second game Finland shutout Sweden 1-0 at the Tipshallen Jonkoping Arena in Jonkoping on Feb. 1.

The United States Futsal Federation President Alexander Para was named to the Football Confederation (CONCACAF) Futsal Committee. The appointment was made by the Football Confederation General Secretary Chuck Blazer in mid-January.  The committee will be composed of Chairman Colin Klass of Guyana, Alex Para and Rafael Tinoco of Guatemala. Para, who is also a member of the U.S. Soccer Federation Board of Directors, was the Head of Delegation for the U.S. squad that finished third at the Football Confederaton Championships in Costa Rica and just missed qualification to the FIFA World Championships.  "It is a great honor to be named to the CONCACAF Futsal Committee," said Para. "This shows the importance of developing the growth of Futsal in the USA."

30.1.2001 (Sopron (HUN)) - HUNGARY - CZECH REPUBLIC 10-6 (4-1)  Friendly Match
Hungary: Szalontai - Szente, Nagy G., Vígh, Madarász Substitutes: Haffner, Kénoszt, 
Jávor, Simon, Zsámár, Tóth M., Szabó Z. Captain: András Szabó
Czech Republic: Hulka - Rajnoch, Dloumy, Vrabec, Mares Z. Substitutes: Butek, 
Stejskal, Speierl, Sluka, Mickal, Poczer, Mares M. Captain: Michal Striz
Goal Scorers: Kénoszt (3), Zsámár (3), Tóth M. (2), Madarász, Nagy G. for Hungary 
and Poczer (3), Dloumy, Vrabec, Rajnoch for Czech Republic

Referees: Török, Gyenge
Spectators: 500
29.1.2001 (Brno (CZE)) - CZECH REPUBLIC - HUNGARY 8-3 (1-1)  Friendly Match
Czech Republic: Hulka - Rajnoch, Dloumy, Vrabec, Mares Z. Substitutes: Butek, Stejskal,
Speierl, Sluka, Mickal, Poczer, Mares M. Captain: Michal Striz
Hungary: Haffner - Szente, Nagy G., Vígh, Madarász Substitutes: Kénoszt, Jávor, Simon,
Zsámár, Tóth M., Szabó Z., Szalontai Captain (new with his first match): András Szabó
Goal Scorers: Sluka (2), Rajnoch, Speierl, Mares M., Vrabec, Mickal, Dloumy for Czech Republic
and Nagy G., Tóth M., Simon for Hungary

Referees: Petrik, Lobo
Spectators: 250

28.1.2001 (Napoli (ITA))  - Italian Futsal Coaches (CENTRE-SOUTH) Meeting with Refeeres of CAN "D" 

26-27.1.2001 (Zagreb (HRV))  - Croatian Futsal Coaches Meeting with Javier Lozano

Australian State Titles 20-22 January
Club/Team Championships 23-24 January
Regional Championships 25 January
National Intellectually Disabled Titles 25-26 January
Indigenous Athletes

January 2001 (Brazil) NEWS FROM BRAZIL
Clubs Out of Liga Futsal 2001:
Internacional from Porto Alegre-RS is out of competitions in 2001. Sao Paulo lost Osasco support and will not play Liga 2001. GM/Chevrolet extincted its own team of futsal.
Liga Futsal 2001 (24 March - July): Group A - Vasco da Gama (RJ), ACBF/Carlos Barbosa (RS), Osasco (SP), Wimpro/GM/Guaru (SP), Poker/Foz Futsal (PR), Pax de Minas/Minas (MG), Jaraguá (SC).  Group B - Ulbra (RS), Flamengo (RJ), Corinthians (SP), Banespa (SP), UCS/Dal Ponte (RS), Rio Verde (GO), Uneb (DF). Esta reformulaçăo foi feita por causa da saída do Internacional (RS) e do Goiás (GO).
Some Important changes in Brazilian Futsal:
- Fininho: from Ulbra to Carlos Barbosa
- Lavoisier: from Vasco to Carlos Barbosa
- Indio: from Vasco to Carlos Barbosa
- Vander Carioca: from Flamengo to Vasco
- Lenisio: from Atletico to Vasco
- Rogerio: from Atletico to Ulbra
- Saad: from Atletico to Ulbra
- Piu: from Atletico to Poker/Foz
- Ronaldo: from Atletico to Carlos Barbosa
- Marcio: from GM/Chevrolet to Carlos Barbosa
- Bella: from Poker/For to Carlos Barbosa
- Serjao: from Inter to Banespa
- Acidesio: from Ulbra to Banespa

24.1.2001 (Spain) SPANISH TEAM FOR MOSCOW (EURO 2001):
SPANISH COACH CALLS IN 14-PLAYERS FOR TRAINING CAMP: Spain's Futsal National Team Head Coach Javier Lozano called in 14 players for the first of two home training camps leading up to the 2001 UEFA Championship next month.  The first camp took place in Toledo, Spain from Jan. 27-30, and featured all the members of the 2000 World Championship Squad.  The second training camp is scheduled for Feb. 11-15 in either Madrid or Navarra, just prior to the European Championships. The tournament that will run from Feb. 20-28, in the Russian Capital Moscow, has Spain as the top seed in Group A and they will face Croatia, Poland and the Ukraine. After round-robin play, the top two of each group will advance to the semifinals on Feb. 26.  The semifinal winners will play for the gold medal on Feb. 28, while the semifinal losers square off for the bronze in the earlier game. Training Camp Roster (Club): Goalkeepers - Jesus Claveria Dominguez (Antena 3 Boomerang) Luis Amado Tardo (Caja Segovia), Guillermo Martin (Playas Castellon); Defenders - Julio Garcia Mera (Antena 3 Boomerang), Enrique Boned Guillot  (Valencia Vijusa), Antonio Adeva Alonso (Caja Segovia); Midfielders - Santiago Herrero Amor (Foticos Zaragoza), Javier Orol Sanchez (Antena 3 Boomerang), Joan Linares Rodriguez (Playas de Castellon), Javier Rodriguez (Playas Castellon), Forwards - Daniel  Ibanes Caetano (Caja Segovia), Alberto Riquer (Caja Segovia), Javier Sanchez Franco (Playas Castellon), Paulo  Roberto Marques (El Pozo Murcia).

The World Indoor Soccer League (WISL) held its annual offseason meetings in Dallas, Texas on Jan. 23. The league owners met to discuss a wide range of topics and changes for 2001 and 2002. One of the new changes that will take place in 2001 is a revised playoff format.  The top four teams will qualify for the playoffs as opposed to six teams in 2000. There will also be a two-game home-and-home series for the semifinals and finals. If the series is tied after two games, a golden goal will take place after game two. The owners and general managers are still considering changes for 2001. Divisional alignment, length of schedule and other WISL
rule changes are still being discussed with more changes to be announced in the near future.

The National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) announced the starting line-up and reserves for the 2001 All-Star Game on Jan. 23.  The all-star game that will feature the American Conference facing the National Conference will be played on Feb. 14, in Buffalo, N.Y.  Of the
36 players selected, 11 are members of the U.S. Futsal National Team Player Pool.
Goalkeeper Scott Hileman (Baltimore Blast), defenders Andy Schmetzer (Cleveland Crunch), Scott Schweitzer (Cleveland Crunch) and forward Danny Kelly (Baltimore Blast) were named to the American Conference.  The National Conference selected Goalkeeper Victor Nogueira (Milwaukee Wave), defenders Sean Bowers (Detroit Rockers), Glenn Carbonara (Milwaukee Wave), Jason Dunn (Wichita Wings), David Moxom (Milwaukee Wave), Wes Wade (Kansas City Attack) and forward Braeden Cloutier (Wichita Wings).  Last year, Nogueira, Bowers, Carbonara, and Wade help lead the USA to a bronze medal at the Football Confederation (CONCACAF) Championships in Costa Rica.

22.1.2001 (Prato (ITA)) - ITALY - ARGENTINA  2-0 (1-0)   Friendly Match
ITALY: Fradella, Grana, Franzoi, Bearzi, Pereira, Bertoni, Quattrini, Previdelli, Foglia, Rubei, De Bella, Antonazzi, Ripesi. C.T.: Nuccorini
ARGENTINA: Guisande, Planas, Segura, Wilhelm, Gonzalez, Monaco, Garcias, Di Maio, Magarelli. C.T.: Larranaga
Refeeres: Lastrucci (ITA) e Monti (ITA)
Goal Scored: 5° e, nel s.t., 9° Rubei (I)
Yellow Card: Gonzalez (A)
Red Card: Magarelli (A)
20.1.2001 (Prato (ITA)) - ITALY - ARGENTINA  1-0 (0-0)   Friendly Match
ITALY: Fradella, Grana, Franzoi, Bearzi, Foglia, Bertoni, Quattrini, Matranga, Antonazzi, Rubei, Caleca, Ripesi. C.T.: Nuccorini 
: Guisande, Planas, Segura, Wilhelm, Gonzalez, Monaco, Garcias, Di Maio, Magarelli. C.T.: Larranaga
Refeeres: Cumbo (ITA) e Racano (ITA)
Goal Scored: 19° Franzoi (I)
Yellow Card: Gonzalez (A)

21.1.2001 (Sao Paulo (BRA)) - BRAZIL - POLAND  12-5 (5-2)   Friendly Match
Sao Paulo ( Poliesportivo)- 3000 people.
Brasil - Vinicius 2, Lenisio 2, Falcao 2, Tobias, Fininho, Schumacher,
Vader, Cico.
Poland - Szłapa 2, Filipczak, Dąbrowski, Grądowski
Grądowski - red card

20.1.2001 futsalplanet.com WORLD PLAYER OF THE YEAR: 10th of January 2001 Will be published the result of the election of the Best Player of the World. The first three classified will be rewarded with www.futsalplanet.com Trophy. The details arrive...

15-16.1.2001 (Orlando/Florida (USA)) International Futsal Tournament ORLANDO 2001

The Federación Peruana de Fútbol (Federation of Peruvian Football) began a three-month Futsal Referee Course on Jan. 15.  The objective of the course is to increase the Peruvian Futsal Referees at the international level.  The National Referees' Committee of Peru will teach the course three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday). 
For more information the course, check the Federation of Peruvian Football website at www.fpf.com.pe.

14.1.2001 (Bologna (ITA))  - Italian Futsal Coaches (CENTRE-NORTH) Meeting with Refeeres of CAN "D" 

13-14.1.2001 (Waterloo (Canada)) WATERLOO FUTSAL CLASSIC - International Futsal Tournament

12.01.2001 (Moscow (RUS)) EURO 2001 DRAW

11.1.2001 (Zurich (SUI))  - FIFA/IOC MEET ON POSSIBILY ADDING FUTSAL FOR 2008 OLYMPICS: FIFA President Sepp Blatter and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Juan Antonio Samaranch met in Zurich, Switzerland on Jan. 11, on several changes for the future summer games. Among the many topics was the possibility of adding indoor soccer for the 2008 Olympics. The IOC also informed FIFA that the 2008 games will be held during the last week of July and the first week in August and that the remaining bidders to stage the event are Beijing, China; Istanbul, Turkey; Osaka, Japan; Paris, France; Toronto, Canada.

7-8.1.2001 (Antwerpen (BEL)) TEMSE CUP - International Futsal Tournament

6.1.2001 (Eisenhuettenstadt - (GER)): International Futsal Tournament into EISENHUETTENSTADT: Clearex (POL) - FC Stahl (GER) 6-3; Clearex (POL) - Branderburgers Seud (GER) 4-2; Clearex (POL) - Energie Cottbus (GER-Bundesliga) 6-0. Winner: CLEAREX CHORZOW (Poland)

5.1.2001 (Schwerin (GER)) LUBZER PILS CUP - International Futsal Tournament

5.1.2001 21.15 (Zwaag (NL)) 2nd Match BENELUX CHAMPIONS CUP IT/SCN (Zwaag) - Action 21 Charleroi  8 - 5 (1st Match 1-3)  - IT/SCN wins Benelux Cup for champions clubs
5.1.2001 21.15 (Den Haag (NL)) 2nd Match BENELUX CUP WINNERS CUP Den Haag/Trimeur - Super Games Ranst  8 - 1 (1st Match 7-11) - Den Haag/Trimeur wins Benelux Cup for cup winners

2-6.1.2001 (Assemini - Cagliari (I)): International Futsal Tournament - EPIPHANY CUP (Mens and Womens) - http://eventsport.supereva.it - E-mail: soccertournaments@inwind.it